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  1. It took 2 hours but I eventually got the update for the FX100 to work using a windows pc. I downloaded the updater file. Then restarted the pc. Then ran the installation again and it finally worked. The actual fx pedal is really good and the controls are superb on the app. It makes changing tones so easy. The instructions need to be clearer though on hte installation as there's so many errors and failures in the process and no clarity about that the problem.
  2. I need help on this. Followed the BAD instructions and did the updater, signed in and NOTHING in the update equipment list. It really should not take HOURS to update a product.What on earth is going on with this product!?!?!
  3. Hi I am also looking to swap the Spider IV 75, which I like, for Amplifi 150w. But, I have reservations as i've heard people saying its not very loud. Now, I have the 75 spider which is very very loud and easily blasts out others in the rehearsal studio....so what is going on here?? How can a 150w amp be much quieter than a 75w from the same company with presumably a similar celestion speaker? Is there a built in gate keeping the guitar down low so it doesn't overpower the other speakers for the bluetooth sound playback? Can this be switched off? Can someone please explain if possible?? thanks all
  4. I've got the Spider IV 75. It's very loud and easily capable of rehearsing in a band and doing small gigs. It rarely gets turned up to anywhere near its full volume. I don't find the layout very intuitive. There are other aspects of it if you go deeper into it and there's instructional videos on youtube. It's very solid and can be carried around to and from cars etc as it's not that heavy. I think the loop is difficult to get timing right and it's not long enough but it's ok for messing with. The sounds are good and the presets are the best to use and adapt. But saving and editing stuff is messy and confusing. Overall I recommend it. I am thinking of trading it in for the Amplifi 150 possibly which is easier to use.
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