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  1. My Amplifi150 arrives today and I won't be a happy camper if the update fails. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Are things really this bad with the Amplifi updates with iOS 9? Just curious since I am consider g purchasing the Amplifi but am wondering if it's a Line 6 problem or if some aren't installing the firmware updates correctly.
  3. Is a pedal an absolute necessity when purchasing the Amplifi?
  4. Thanks JpW!! I'm not a software developer thus is why I'm on the fence. Appreciate your insights.
  5. Thanks for your help Brazzy! I knew there had to be updates on both. I will look at those knowledge base links and check it out. I've been torn between purchasing the SpiderJam, the Spider IV, or one of the Amplifi models and I am trying to collect as much info as possible before purchasing. Thanks again!
  6. I'm also going to purchase the FBV Shortboard MKII and that does require firmware updates, correct?
  7. So the latest firmware has been 8 years ago for the SpiderJam? I've read through many of your posts and you seem very knowledgeable in the SpiderJam. Do you own other Line 6 amps?
  8. Any info would be appreciated. Are there constant updates that I have to download for this amp?
  9. Thanks imason8! Reading all these posts on the glitches has me reconsidering. Was the install of the update easy to do?
  10. I am considering purchasing on of these amps. Any current owners have thoughts on either of these? Was going to purchase an Amplifi 75 but am not sure now because of glitches in the software. Thanks.
  11. Considering a Spider series guitar amp. Any thoughts on owners of either of these 2 amps? Thanks.
  12. I'm a new member in this forum and need honest opinions. I am about to purchase a Line 6 amp and am considering one of the Spider lines or the Amplifi. I really wanted to be the amplifi 75 but after reading lots of posts on glitches, I am now reconsidering. I don't want to purchase something that I can't use. Thoughts?
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