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  1. Line 6, what are the chances of getting any updates to the M series? Every couple years I do some research to see if there's anything new or exciting going on with the M Series. My hope was that with the M5 added to the lineup that the M Series platform was not dead and that Line 6 would update some patches or add some new effects. It's such a valuable pedal, I'd gladly pay for new effects or software improvements. I have the Strymon Timeline and the Eventide H9 but the M9 has always managed to keep a place on my board. I must say that the ongoing customer relationship with Eventide through H9 has be spectacular. Would love to see a model like that developed that involves the occasional update. Thanks, John Michael
  2. Can my M9 send tuning data to my midi controller? I have the M9 in a rack now that I'm using a Liquid Foot Pro midi controller. Some rack units such as the T.C. Electronic G-major and the Axe-fx can send tuner info to the controller which allows you to tune at the front of the stage without an additional tuner. Is it possible for the M9 to send this tuning data via midi? Thanks in advance as I know that this has to be a weird question and that the answer is probably no.
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