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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I am little bit confused and indecisive about the choices i have here. Well i am a pod hd user and I like it. I play with an an instrumental band variety of rock blues jazz and fusion. Its been a while since I bought a Laney IRT STUDIO. Well, while on its on, the laney is not as versatile as it seems , especially its high gain channel, I was able to tweak with time with the pod using the 4 cables method. I was very difficult, but at the end of the day i was able to fixe the tone suck problem and the ground noise problem as well. YET, i feel that 80 per cent of my sound comes from my hd rather than the laney. I mainly use clean and some times the crunch channel of the laney. most of my high gain stuffs comes from the pod pre amp models ( mainly the ENGL fireball model) Thus, i feel that I have invested in a piece of gear that I dont use that much and comes to my mind to change my tube amp for better sound opportunities. While the DT comes to my mind as a best friend to the HD, I have the opportunity to get a Hughes and Kettner switchblade 50 combo for a very good price ( 250 dollars). It is full tube amp four programable midi channels that can interacts with the pod via Midi...and i will still have the opportunity to use the hd models if I want. I just want your opinions. How does the switchblade compete with the line 6 DT ?? I know that the DT offers the different feedback topologies and tube power amp changing stuff and all. yet, does it compete with a full analog tube circuit as far as responsiveness is concerned ??
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