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  1. Guys/Gals -- Someone else mentioned this in an earlier post. I've got what I "think" should be an easy problem to resolve, but I can't seem to find out how to make it happen. :unsure: OK, stick with my feeble brain here and help me if you will -- I'm on Preset 13A -"Come As You Are". In the Global Settings I have it set so my Presets are on the Bottom/Lower row and my Effects show up on Top Row, with a Stomp Box feel. However, when you go to the preset and select it, 4 Presets are on the Bottom Row (good, that's what I wanted) but the only way I can see the Effects is to press the Mode Switch -- BUT -- that clears the Bottom Row of Presets and then shows the activated Effects and the Top Row is blank. I've noticed there are several presets where the effects are on the Bottom Row when you toggle the Mode/Edit switch. Is there a way to always keep Effects on Top Row, or maybe it's supposed to be this way? Also, for a picture reference, I'm trying to keep the setup like it shows on the color Cheat Sheet: Effects - Top Row, Presets-- Bottom Row. I'm sure it has something to do with Global Settings and the Mode Switch. But I can't make it happen on THIS preset 13A. I appreciate you kind folks offering the solution since I apparently can't see it. One Final Note...I repeat that I have the Global Setting for Presets set for the Bottom Row AND that works on some presets as it should, but on some I have this issue. I'm loving the HELIX BTW, just learning my way around. :) Thanks!! geetar42
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