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Found 1 result

  1. So, I recently got an Ibanez ARZ200FM in Grey Burst. Beautiful guitar and lovely to play but when my fingers accidentally touched either pickup, it would buzz. Hmmm... So I opened her up and sure enough, the pickups were wired in backwards. Since I was planning on replacing the neck pickup anyway - Love the way Ibanez guitars play but hate their neck pickups. Too muddy and no character. The bridge pickup was fine. Nothing special but I could work with it so I decided to live with it for a while before replacing it. It sounded like a typical bridge humbucker. So when the SD Antiquity Neck arrived I did that installation and corrected the wiring on the bridge pickup. Here's where the total surprise came in. The bridge now sounded bright, jangly, it lost some of its low end but not too much. It was now a very lively yet not ice picky bridge pickup. Sounds almost like a really FAT tele pickup. What I don't understand is how a mere change in its wiring polarity could so dramatically change the tone of this pickup. I changed and experimented with lots of pickups before and had reversed wires intentionally lots of times and have never had a tonal change such as this ever. How is this happenning? Anyone have any ideas?
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