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Pod HD500 Midi, Leds not working


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I've posted this in another thread, but it was solved, so i'm putting here in a new one.


I finally reached a good solution for switching my 5150 III using the HD500 (Thanks to Rewolf48!!!)

But now I've got this problem:


The bottom raw switches are used for the midi commands and I use them for switching my amp channels. But I have noticed that every time I switch the channels, the LED over the HD500 does not lit on. Is there a Fix? Does the other midi controllers work in this way?



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On a MIDI controller that is solely Patch Changes (such as the ancient but still working Roland FC-50 that I have) the last selected patch will have the LED lit. Which I think is what you are after.


More modern programmable ones such as the Behringer FCB1010 the controller has the concept of a switch state that the LED reflects independent on anything that might have been triggered by it, so what it does is up to you and how you programmed it.


The lights on the HD relate to the state of the first FX/Amp controlled by the Switch - so if it switches On/Off a Compressor and at the same time Off/On a Distortion, then if the Compressor is first in the chain then it will follow the compressor state but if the Distortion is first then it follows that.  So you can control to an extent when the lights come on by juggling the order of Effects around.


None of this relates to the MIDI output... if you want lights to change state then the switch has to also change an FX on the HD (even if that effect does nothing), but I cannot think of any way to get the HD lights to mimic the behaviour of the FC-50.

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