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shortboard help/setting up for gigs with spideriv 150 head

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I play live gigs with my amp but feel im not using the shortboard to full advantage.

Basically,im using the same eq on 4 separate patches

normally this is my set up

a-a metal red setting,channel vol 12 oclock and a little reverb and drive around 3/4

b-a copy of channel a with some delay and the channel vol set around 2 oclock(I switch to this channel for volume boost for lead stuff so it cuts through the rythmn mix)

c-same eq and vol as channel A but drive set at 12 0clock

d-same as a with phazer


What I need help with is the switch for modulation.on channel a,sometimes quickly id like to add sine chorus.how do I do this simply and quickly turning chorus on and off or do I need to create a new patch

im also unsure what the stomp switch is on the fbv

btw,im using first generation fbv if this helps

anyone that's got the amp programming set up nicely,feel free to give advice

really,i want to utilise as many fx as possible but not have to jump in and out of different banks.


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