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  1. Happy days eknoop! Yes,it really was that simple to fix.I use mainly single coil strats and it exaggerated things with me...really bad! Comparable to an old AM radio crackling after playing a note. I cleaned the plug thoroughly and wound my cables in the helix...it fixed it! Glad theres a few more miles left in your vetta
  2. So,I just upgraded form 30w to 75 watt spider 3. Anyone know any websites where it visually shows you how to dial patches in manually?
  3. This device can be screwed down so its an extremley low unpowered feed into a desk. I been using it on a spider 3 with no adverse affect and its a more true tonal pattern to using the headphone out. Also have my spider 3 altered at the phones port with a flick switch so i can either have the amp speaker on or off which is what I previously used...until I got this converter....streets ahead of the headphone port as a DI,just keep the converter set at minumum
  4. guys,mine did this and heres how i fixed it. The leads from the speakers on my 2x12 vetta,i removed them,cleaned the plug where they go on to the pcb with contact cleaner and brush then i took the leads and twisted them in a helix formation....it solved the issue straight up and it hasnt returned
  5. Get one of these.I did this on a spider 3.Hook it up to the speaker leads and then glue it inside the cab.I now have thes speaker running in my spider 3 and a DI feed to a desk
  6. I been using L6 amps quite a while starting with a spider IV-75 followed by the vetta 2 combo and recently got a spider 3-30. I activley gig in a bar band-wedding type band and generally,i just feed through the pa so dont need much actual amp volume on stage and I use the vetta 2 but its a real pain to move around so,I picked up a spider 3-30 real cheaply and it does its job. I been offered a spider 3-75 and very reasonable cash and again,it should be much more versatile than its 30 watt sibling. I did have the spider 4-75 and i sold it to fund the vetta. How much actual changes is there from the spider 3-75 as opposed to the spider 4-75? Spider 4 did have a lot of stompboxes and could really be dialled in very well. Does the 3-75 have as much stompboxes,compressors etc as the spider 4 or is it more basic with just the amp models and a few fx. Im unsure but i think i would possibly be better to hold out for a used spider 4. IMO,spider 4 is a way better amp than its spider 5 replacment
  7. I also did the headphone socket mod on my 30 so i could have the phones socket feeding the pa and also have the amps speaker run at the same time for stage monitoring. All you do is on the headphones jack there is bridge the first two points of the jack directly behind the fascia with a little wire and this makes the speaker run while its feeding a desk although i fitted a flick switch behind the amp so i can turn the main speaker on or off
  8. guys,its a good chance its the integrated chip on the powere amp at fault. I blew the chip on my 30 watt but for £2...i fixed it with a new chip and i have a download for the line 6 spider 3 30-75 service mannual listing all components used in building these amps. Theres one thing,well on a 30 wat...the chip has to be isolated OFF the chassis so it will not ground out. I forgot to fit the plastic washer on the chip earthing it to the chassis hence the failure but...if you are handy with a soldering iron...they can be easily fixed. Attatched is the line 6 service mannual for the amp,read carefully! I hope this helps you guys,i know it fixed mine Spider_III_1508-3012-HD75.pdf
  9. I bought one of these and hooked onto the main speaker leads of my spider 3 30 and now i have di output and can hear the speaker in the amp with no ill effects. I just hoow up then with a small rca-jack conversion lead and it works spot on
  10. Fortunatley i fixed the amp. the chip on the power amp board had gone,the TDA2050 chip so I just got one on ebay and fitted to the power amp and we are good to go. a meager £2 saved it from the bin and its going great
  11. Are parts still available...I think I blew the power amp!!!!
  12. I stand corrected.....I have just tried my vetta longboard into the spider 3 30 watt and it does indeed function with the spider 3. all 4 channel selectors working as is the tuner and the wah and even the volume pedal too. Hopefully running the longboard into the spider 3 amp will not cause the longboard to develop any kind of fault as its essential for my vetta. Im also going to add a line level reducer to the speaker leads of the spider so i can DI out from it to use into a pa
  13. I ,by chance,bought a spider 3 30 watt today at low low money and why I bought it...im really fed up hogging my vetta 2 combo to rehersal and the spider 3 is easy moved...it works for me. Now,id really like a pedal to change channels on the spider and i have the longboard for the vetta 2 but will it work on the spider 3 30 watt or do i need an fbv express pedal?
  14. I actually took my fbv apart yesterday for a general clean up inside and there is actually no pot attatched to any of those pedals inside. It looks to me like it works electromagnetically so im gonna say,get a can of electrical cleaner,a few small soft brushes and clean it internally then try it again. there really aint very much inside those things
  15. Also,thanks dickfoster for your help on this repair.
  16. Ok..I am updating this after a long time as some of you guys probably do not use the FB user group. I left the amp in a repair shop and 2 weeks later..they still had not looked at it so I took it from them and thought..I shall have a go myself,whats to loose cos I cant get anyone to look at it. Got out my DMM and found differing resisitance values on each speaker output so alarm bells are ringin! Removed the power amp and measured the field transistors as instructed by dickfoster here and those were the culprit. Theres 4 on the vetta power amp so @ £1.24 each from CPC,I bought 4 of them and replaced with new ones and the amps been pretty reliable since.Only had one small issue since with a dirty pot but its went well since the repair
  17. I am a vetta II user and was wondering about compatibility between the new variax std and vetta II. The idea of variax is great but I been told only the older model variax guitars work with vetta amps. The issue is,I really hate how the old variax guitars look(The type that have no pick ups like the v 500) The new standards ticking my boxes but just not getting the horn for the older model variax. another issue is,all the old stuff(my vetta too) only works via win XP.I just been told a new variax standard will be unable to communicate with a vetta amp which means I cant assign guitar models to specific patches,all has to be changed manually
  18. I had mine apart a few days back Also saw the battery holder which looked like a clip unit holding the battery,question is,does the main digital board need lifting out,de solder from underside of that pcb and its out?
  19. I had had the thumping sound in mine when it started...and now it aint going right so Id say for you to get it looked at asap before it lollipop,s itself. Mines currently in getting repairs,one speaker output died in it
  20. In the morning,I am ringing E&M in Milton Keynes,UK as they are the only place to appear on a search as official yamaha/line 6 specialists. My pal had a spider amp repaired by them when the output died and its been fine since they fixed it and turn around was quick(7 days) I looked inside the amp today for a blown cap but all looked good inside visually,no scorch marks,nothing. Im not that tech minded but i put an ohm meter on the speaker cables and both were worlds apart in reading. The defective side reading real low in the 20k setting and I could only get a reading on the good side in the 200k setting. I dont think there is much wrong with,it just needs the right man to look at it who knows what to do
  21. I have found a L6 repair centre in england so will make a call on monday and take it from there. heaphones work fine in the amp so its for sure,a power amp related issue,blown capacitor perhaps,could be small problem but causing big ones for me as I am a gigging musician. will update this post after I speak to L6 uk
  22. well,got this vetta maybe 2 months ago as a few of you here know and,i will say,a lot of you guys using the FB vetta 2 users group page will know me. Amps been great over these 2 months until last night..... I noticed it wasnt sounding good so..inspected it today...its down a speaker(its the 2x12 combo) So,initially thought dead speaker.Swapped wires over between speakers and its dead on a feed heading for the speaker. Unscrewed it to make sure a wire had not fell off inside but all was good. Memory flashed it in the hope this would be the fix(lost all my own patches as I had no way to back em up) but to no avail. So,really its only half a vetta now and I suspect eventually this will go too. As someone who gig,s regularly...cant use this amp and here in good old Northern Ireland, there is no L6 repair centres. So...dont know what my next step is to get it fixed.I do suspect it as a power amp fail.Had always noticed when it was turned on i always got a thud sound from it but then I had other amps that have done the same too. Kinda lost here what the next step is or is that my vetta relationship over and sell it on as spare parts now on ebay? I really dont want to go down the sell it on road and would prefer a fix up and get it back out doing gigs as its a great sounding amp.
  23. Yeah,over on the good old facebook some one has started a vetta 2 group. Possibly,some of you guys are there already but definetley worth a look. some good instructional vids popping up on it
  24. I had thought of a similar idea and get a little rubber pipe the same diameter as the spindle threads and let the cleaner feed itself in. I do however have a bike cable oiler that works the same principle as the little gizmo in your link so wortha try
  25. Easiest way to cure these? could I get away with removing the knobs and forcing contact cleaner down past the pot spindle. is it a big job to get at these pots to give them a good spray with contact cleaners?
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