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    Basket weaving, Pondering where frogs go in the winter, Wondering what Johnny and Edgar Winter ate and what kept them alive (Besides booze&Mary Jane)

    Arguing with gear heads that a good player on a solid state Line 6 can sound just as good as some dude on a $4000 dollar tube amp. And I love the tubes! :P

    A good example of a killer solid state tone is Doyle Brahmals' tone on the Roger Waters In The Flesh DVD. It was filmed live in Portland in 2001 at some dome or arena and Doyle was using an old Yamaha SS Head.
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  1. By the way the built in looper in the SV MKII is only 14 seconds long, nothing to get too excited about ;-)
  2. You need the FBV MKII hooked up to your SV MKII in order to communicate with a computer. The FBV is what does the talking to the computer. There may also be a way with a MIDISPORT Uno like I had to use for my Vetta II HD that you can do but that is a whole other ballgame.
  3. I've read a few different responses over the years to this same question. One camp kinda says yes you can run it without a load as long as you remain in standby and never accidentally switch it to the on position. Another camp says you must always have a speaker load connected no matter what. I tend to go with this theory more because the other way the the neutrons and energy have no way to escape and probably builds until the power transformer barbecues itself. Maybe a real tech on this amp could chime in here but I'd stick with always having a speaker plugged in no matter what. I know my Vetta can run without a load but that's a different story altogether :) PS: Now that I think about it I'm pretty damn sure I've seen it in the Line 6 specs for the SpiderValve to ALWAYS have a speaker load connected.
  4. If you're looking for cheap and good sounding check out the Jensen line of speakers, they've been around forever, most are still made in Italy and most are pretty danged good from most reviews. They have tons to choose from. Read some reviews, check some online pricing (New or used) and watch some listening tests on Youtube. Cheers
  5. Get a midi-sport uno as suggested above, make sure you update the drivers for it to the newest ones supplied for free by m-audio on their website. Then make sure you are using an older PC running XP haha. True. And also you probably want to run the really old version of Line 6 monkey that can still be found in the archives here somewhere. You need the old version of monkey in order to talk to the amp and to be able to do firmware updates and such. Just don't brick the amp and make sure you know what you're doing before trying to update the firmware, otherwise you're hooped. I did it not too long back, successfully on my Vetta II HD, but it's a risky proposition if something goes array.
  6. Yes I did thanks. I liked at least 6 out of 10 or something like that so that's really good as far as factory presets have always been, with any company or product I've tried. Just for the record, I didn't make any comments on the actual promo video and won't be. It is slightly amusing though I gotta admit, in a morbid sorta way.
  7. The sound quality of the SpiderValve mkii video featuring Richard Fortus made by Line 6 was one of the deciding factors for me in buying the amp. The audio was pristine and the playing of course was top notch. I'm sure Line 6 will have some great demo's of the Spider V in the very near future, if not already completed and ready to go, I'm just saying that "First look" is pretty brutal :)
  8. All I know is that the lame promo is getting absolutely hammered on Youtube and as everyone knows in this day and age of the internet and social media bad news spreads like wildfire,in an instant. No need to feel bad about pulling a horribly conceived video with atrocious audio quality, the actors have been paid and all others involved. Get some greasy long-haired axe-grinder with some decent chops that is kicking around your Calabasas headquarters and let him whail on it for two minutes, film it and release it. It will be heads and tails over that "Thing" you released early this morning. I'm sure the product is amazing and I liked some of the sound clips of it on the Line 6 website so don't think I'm here to slag the new cool Spider V. I'm here to tell you your promo video sucks, big time, and is making a laughing stock of Line 6. After the awesome success of the Helix wouldn't we want to see that for the new line of Spider amps? My thoughts from the peanut gallery, Cheers .... Hey where's a rockin' smiley face/emoticon?
  9. Was just released! Looks pretty cool, has a lot of great features and is aesthetically pleasing and I'm sure sounds fairly danged good. Just be aware the 30 watt 1x10" & 60 watt 1x12" combo models do not have line outs which to me is a bit of a disappointment.
  10. Cool, thanks man, I'll look into that. Just seems weird though that the slightest touch, I mean barely a millimeter drops the volume...
  11. Okay here's the dealio, and I think this has been plaguing me for a while now and I didn't even realize it was doing it (Causing) it at full band practice levels. I quit using the fbv shortboard mkii with the Vetta because I picked up the mk i recently and like it better. Better switches/better screen blah blah. So the issue is ( I just found out) is just the slightest touch of the gas pedal and it drops the volume level. Then when you change to a different patch within the same bank the volume goes back to normal. So last night I shut off the vol pedal for both amps in the effect control setup menu of the amp. Now everything works perfect, except no volume pedal lol. So I turned them all back on and set the minimum to 55% on all and saved thinking that might work cool as a volume boost method as I'd leave it in the heel position and then push to toe position for leads. Once again this works great......Except for the fact that that slight pressure on the pedal or switching between the patches changes the volume level again......Arggggh
  12. Sounded really good. Had a nice organic quality to it that wasn't straining to the ears like some over processed modelling sounds can have. Nice work on creating some good tones.
  13. Okay after much trepidation and then an entire bucket load of consternation I finally made the leap to install the 2.50 FW update/upgrade to the head. Main reason being I wanted that handy dandy built in solo boost feature. The night I finally got the thing to update I had no problem setting up the solo boost on a patch whilst using the s/pdif out to my home stereo. Seemed so easy and painless. Now for the life of me I can't get it to work. I followed the very simplistic instructions on the old Vettaville site but I can't grasp why and how this doesn't work. I go to foot control on the amp head and turn the boost level up +5 db, assign the boost to the fx loop footswitch and then push save twice and it isn't working. Any insight as to what I'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated. PS: I've tried with both the fbv shortboard original and the fbv shortboard mkii
  14. Very nice indeed, I've always really liked the look and design of the 513. very sharp looking guitars.
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