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DL4 Power issue?

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Hey gang.

Yesterday I traded my EQD Dispatch Master for a DL4 with someone locally. They insisted that the pedal worked, but that the power jack was a little loose.


I took the pedal home, tried using my Pedal Power 2+ with the RED cable, and nothing happened. No lights flickered on, although the pedal did transmit a line signal to the amp. I tried using 4 all new C batteries, and the unit would not even power on that way. I also tried a Factory Reset, and nothing worked (As the pedal cannot even power on)


I took the pedal to my nearest guitar store, and they tried using the Line 6 power adapter that is recommended, and the pedal would not power on either. The tech in the store said that the ground pin in the power jack looked like it had been pressed in, and wasn't making contact. He also said that since it wasn't hitting the ground, there is a chance that the board was fried.


I took the pedal apart, didn't see anything that appears damaged or burnt. I haven't attempted to resolder anything just yet, and was wondering if anyone could help me find an exact replacement for the power jack on the DL4.


Any other advice or troubleshooting would be appreciated.


- Mike

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