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15W Mustang vs Spyder

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   I just replaced my 15W Spyder IV with a 15W Mustang I.  I bought both used for about the same price and both were in like new condition.  I was surprised to discover how different the design goals were for both amps after using both a little bit.


   Spyder IV:

      Pros:   MUCH louder than Mustang.

                 Overdrive/Distortion much easier to control (w/ effects off).

      Cos:    Unsatisfying effects (at least for me - mostly Blues/Jazz/Classic Rock stuff)

                 "Tap" delay/echo controls ONLY.  (I prefer the delay effect & I use it a lot)

                 1/4" headphone jack




      Pros:   More amp "styles" to choose from (24 for starters, more can be customized or downloaded)

                 More satisfying effects (particularly via "FUSE" SW customization).

                 "FUSE" SW  (Think Amplitube customization w/ no latency in signal path)

                 Ability to over-write presets w/ preferred amp models ("FUSE" SW)

                 Ability to save customized or downloaded models to disc database ("FUSE" SW)

                 Can configure amp from database ("FUSE" SW)

                 3 mm headphone jack

      Cons:  Lower volume.  MUCH lower in most cases.  OK for home use, simply unusable anywhere else.

                 Effects controls from front panel VERY limited.  Really Need PC to dial in sound you want.



   While I do appreciate the volume levels of the Spyder & the clean & "Crunchy" channels (w/out effects) for my needs the Mustang is simply the better choice.  I simply have no use for the "Metal" or "Insane" channels.  For those comparing amps for home use only I think you'll be happier with the Mustang, unless ear-splitting metal tones are what you're after.


   Happy Choosing.

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On the Spider, you can save your adjusted sounds to the 4 preset locations.

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