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New Owner Of Micro Spider. . Battery Question..

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I am a new owner of Micro Spider.. I have 2 basic questions..


1. Can I use Ni-MH 1.2V rechargeable batteries? Will it operate?


2. Can I charge them if I have them in the amp through AC/Supply?


You will help me a lot.... thanks!

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6 x 1.2 = 7.2


6 x 1.5 = 9


with a difference of almost 2 volts, the amp might not operate correctly. there is no mention of a charger integral to the amp in the pilots guide

That was my doubt... (about voltage).... are 1.5V rechargeable C batteries available?

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What is the usual capacity of alkaline battreies? Some suggestions (trade mark, capacity, charger)?


I found also some NiZn rechargable batteries (1.6V) with 2800 MaH.


Do Alkaline last longer than NiZn??

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The only solution I found for me (Greece) , is this combination:




Could you tell me what do use for amp? (Battery capacity, brand name and charger)


I hope I'll won't bother again... (and sorry for my poor English) :-)

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