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Amplifi 75 with FBV Expres mk2


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Hi everyone,


Just picked up a FBV Express mk2 for my amplifi 75. But when i change banks on my app and then press a button on my express, it will go back to the first bank.


Cant i use the other banks with the express?


Can i use the expression pedal with an other function than the volume and wah??

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This thread has a lot of useful information about using an FBV Shortboard mk2 with Amplifi:



I think some of it will be applicable to the FBV Express, but only the part that deals with switching channels.


Bank switching can only be done with the Shortboard, as it's the only device with a bank up/down switch on it.  The app doesn't actually understand banks at all.  Although the app shows you all the channels that are loaded into each bank, when you select one it just gets loaded into the working channel in the Amplifi device.  When you use the footswitch or buttons on the Amplifi it always loads from the first bank into the working channel


It would be nice to be able to switch banks with the app, and then use the footswitch, or the button on the Amplifi to switch channels - but that doesn't seem to be supported.  I don't really understand why, as it seems an obvious  usage model to me - I don't want to leave my phone sitting draining its battery with the screen on the whole time I'm playing.


Your other option is to replace the channels in bank-1 with the four that you want - then use the footswitch to select between them.

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