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License question - buying a 2nd-hand KB37 (Toneport)


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Hello everyone.


I'm about to grab a KB37 from eBay and had a couple of questions about the software licensing.


I read in another post that I don't need to worry about someone else having 'licensed' the software to themselves because the software activation rights are linked to each individual piece of hardware.

So I can buy the keyboard, and using the serial number or whatever of the hardware, I will then also become the licensee for the Gearbox package without a load of faffing around de-registering and re-registering licenses?


Could someone confirm for me if that's correct?!


Also, are there any known show-stopping issues or anything else I should know about using this on a laptop running Windows 7 x64?

I'm using Studio One v2.6.


Thanks in advance for your help!





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