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Music Streaming (Spotify?)


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So, I recall a demo video (possibly Sweetwater?) where the guy flips between apps, streaming a metronome.


I cannot get my Firehawk to do this? As soon as I close the app to go another, the second app won't play out of the firehawk (I'm very definitely meaning Spotify, as I am a premium subscriber and it's my main music app), and when I go back to the firehawk app, it pauses to reload all the presets again (which is a different annoying bug - surely a TOC it could check instantly for changes would be much quicker?).


I digress - has anyone had luck streaming music that wasn't directly on their device?

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I'm a div.


In Amp Out mode, the bluetoothed audio from the app isn't sent via the 1/4" outputs, only the XLR or Headphones....!


So, there you go :)


The reloading is annoying though.

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Hi, i am from Germany and got my brandnew firehawk now.

First thing i tried was the Bluetooth Streaming via spotify, and had the same issues. When switching from spotify to firehawk App Bluetooth Connection was interrupted and all the patches are transferred again.... Really Frustrating....

Are there any reactions from line6 regarding this issue?

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