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  1. richardstehle

    Firehawk Fx - tuner problem

    Hi, I have the same problem with my FH. Reported to the support of Line 6. But got only some standard answers like "reconnect to the FH" or "try with another device". No solution so far. I would be interested in real solutions.
  2. richardstehle

    Clean Boost

    I use the compressor to do this. Just give a 3 dB Boost and set the Threshold to Zero.
  3. richardstehle

    Tuner gets disrupted when other instruments are playing loudly

    Yes, I am connected to the app. Does it make am difference?
  4. richardstehle

    Tuner gets disrupted when other instruments are playing loudly

    I just have the Same issue. I am using the firehawk with a jtv variax. Therefore i would eliminate the analog Input as a source of the issue. But defenity this issue was NOT present during the first time when i used the device. The Tuner was showing correct Tunings during this time. Somehow the issue appeared. Can Line6 help with this?
  5. richardstehle

    Case for Firehawk FX

    ordered a custom case made for the firehawk at thomann.de
  6. richardstehle

    Dead Piezo Pickup?

    Had the Same issue Last Night during a Show. Switched over to the magnetics. Somehow it worked again. Could this be a Connection Problem of the Digital cable? Funny that it Always Seems to be the A String. Best regards Richard
  7. richardstehle

    Music Streaming (Spotify?)

    Hi, i am from Germany and got my brandnew firehawk now. First thing i tried was the Bluetooth Streaming via spotify, and had the same issues. When switching from spotify to firehawk App Bluetooth Connection was interrupted and all the patches are transferred again.... Really Frustrating.... Are there any reactions from line6 regarding this issue?