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  1. kimdrawlings

    Shut up and dance

    Anyone have a good patch for Walk The Moon?
  2. kimdrawlings

    Reordering My Tones

    You can drag and drop tones on the Firehawk using the app
  3. kimdrawlings

    Biting the bullet Firehawk work-around

    Did you give this a try? http://line6.com/support/topic/13651-firehawk-boost/?hl=firehawk+boost
  4. kimdrawlings

    Firehawk direct to PA vs. Amp?

    I'm just moving from a Vetta to Firehawk for live gigging. How many of you go direct to the PA vs. the Firehawk/Amp approach? I'm concerned that I may lose a little if I do not have some amp feedback interaction. I have a stage monitor in front of me but not sure if that is the same. Bonus is reduction in stage volume makes it easier to hear everybody. Any feedback or suggestions?
  5. kimdrawlings

    The Looper

    I'm having a hard time to get this to sound good. It kind of mashes everything together when I try to play over the loop. Any suggestions.
  6. kimdrawlings

    Output question, digital clipping and other

    You can also increase the level on the send/return by dB in the FX loop via the app. That may help with your volume issue.
  7. kimdrawlings

    Firehawk firmware v1.1 feature

    What are the HP Frequency and LP Frequency parameters on the looper? Didn't see anything in the manual. BTW, very excited to have a looper for free!
  8. kimdrawlings

    Firehawk and Variax 500

  9. kimdrawlings

    Firehawk firmware v1.1 feature

    Talked to support today and they said the new firmware would be released in the next week or two.
  10. kimdrawlings

    Normalizing patch volume

    After speaking with support, the volume setting on the amp within the app does exactly that without changing the tone. Firmware V1.1 is supposed to offer the ability to change preset volume with the volume knob on the Firehawk directly without having to edit the amp volume setting in the app. Issue resolved.
  11. kimdrawlings

    Firehawk boost?

    This works great. Thanks for the great advice. I'm updating all my presets with this FX boost.
  12. Was informed by support that the older model Variax is not supported with the Firehawk FX and app. Only the newer model Variax will work as claimed.
  13. kimdrawlings

    Updater for Firehawk FX now online

    Talked to support today about some questions. Was told that there is a new firmware update coming in a day or so. He recommended to do the update via USB to PC. He said it is much faster and more stable to do the update that way.
  14. kimdrawlings

    Normalizing patch volume

    Volume and Master definitely alter the tone. Looking for another solution.
  15. kimdrawlings

    Case for Firehawk FX

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004H1RY52/ref=shptrk_scth http://www.gatorcases.com/p/111209-38/gk-2110