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Firehawk tips


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I thought it might be worthwhile having a thread for tips about using the Firehawk as some users have switched from the hd500 and have a lot of tonebuilding experience and for others it's their first time using an amp modeller


Something I've found useful in getting a cleaner tone and reducing the fizz or harshness is setting the hd amps with the following




Bias excursion=95%

In all honesty I don't fully understand what these parameters are changing but when I set it this way it seems to sound more natural across all the hd amps, if anybody could explain these settings or post a link to an explanation it would gratefully received

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Digital Igloo


Sag: Lower Sag values offer a "tighter" responsiveness for metal and djent playing; higher values provide more touch dynamics & sustain for blues and classic rock riffs.

Hum: Controls how much heater hum interacts with your tone. For the cleanest tone, set this to 0%.

Bias: Changes the Bias of the power tubes. Lower values achieve a "colder" Class AB biasing. At maximum, the amp is operating in Class A.

Bias X (Excursion): Determines how the power amp tubes' voicing reacts when pushed hard. Set low for a tighter feel. Set high for more tube compression. This parameter is highly reactive with the Drive setting.


Thanks DI

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A few tips I've picked up from a couple of weeks with it now - 



- There is much less lag present switching between patches that use the same Amp/Cab, so try and set up patches that don't switch amp models if possible. This also makes patch normalisation quite simple. 


- On my iPad Air 2, the 'reconnecting to Firehawk' thing when switching between apps doesn't happen if you 'four-finger-swipe' between apps rather than going in and out. My process is to open Spotify/Music, then open FH Remote and let it connect, then swipe back and forth between the two. 


- Haven't had any verification of this so it may be in my mind, but there seems to be a bit of caching effect on patches within a bank. EG - if you're in bank 30, and load patch A, then B, A seems to load that little bit quicker next time (as long as you stay in that bank). 


- Not being bluetooth tethered helps with lag also. 


- In bright sunshine, you can't see anything on it, so beware for festivals etc lol. 

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I wonder if an anti-glare screen protector would help with playing in sunlight?

For a small cost you can get ones for mobile phones on ebay, they could be trimmed to fit

I've never tried anything like this though, not even on my phone but it might work

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