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Line 6 Backtrack+mic


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I have always loved the quality of this product .

I often record my music mobile then transfer it to my computer and use a music editing program to play back what I just recorded then I would use the Line 6 BackTrack+Mic to record a new clip of music while the music was playing back on my computer, but  I could never quite get my music to line after I bring this new audio clip in to my computer..


Now this might be in the manual but who read them anyways


I just had a brainstorm Idea why not use my Line 6 BackTrack+Mic to directly record into my computer thru it's mic

well I tried to hook this up thru the usb and Got no where ...


Then I thought what if I connect the mic thru the headphone jack on the  Line 6 BackTrack+Mic to my computer mic input

well it works


I can now use the awesome quality of the Line 6 BackTrack+Mic  to record with my Pc computer


I can record multitrack sessions live I can either set the Line 6 BackTrack+Mic to Play only mode and only record on the computer or set it in it's Record mode to capture both on the computer and the Line 6 BackTrack+Mic


hope this is helpfull info for people that use this cool product

music recorded by Line 6 BackTrack+Mic

Don McCoy


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