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Stagesource L2t Forces Hd500 Into Combo Mode When Connected Via L6 Link?

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Hi all,


I recently purchased a Stagesource L2T powered monitor to connect to my HD500 (and I also have a JVT-59) to create a non DT50/25 guitar amp 'Dream Rig'.   I've noticed (besides the L2T smelling like weed) that whenever I connect the hd500 to the L2T using the L6 Link, that it forces the HD500 into combo mode....at which point the combination sounds like crap.  I then have to go into the hd500 system edit and change it back to direct and everything is ok again.  


Has anyone else experienced this?  is there a way to force the HD500 to stay in direct mode when I connect the L6 link cable?


I know I could use the XLR connection, but then I have to fart around with each patch mixer setting  (I only have a single L2T at the momment and use it like a guitar amp).


BTW:  sorry in advance...I also posted this in the HD support section as well.



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