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Share Your M20d Live Settings

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Hi all, I'm a solo artist and sing alone using backing tracks loaded on my ipad. I mostly sing old songs and ballads that requires old delay effects around 270 ms.

Is anyone here willing to share their settings? this will be a grate way to exchange ideas.


PS: I'm also willing to pay someone to master one or two of my live performance using stagescape M20D and e-mail me the backup file so i can load it in my board.


Thank in advance


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Hey Adrian


I would recommend about 220-250 ms for fast songs (tempo 125-140 bpm) and about 300 ms for ballads, but that's just me.


As far as setting up a mix for your songs by someone else, a mix requires that you have the entire system which includes the speakers and the room that you play in. That's why we expect that people will use Quick Tweak and fine tune the basic presets.


My suggestion would be to record some of your performances and then while listening to the playback switch through all the vocal presets on your vocal channel. Don't be too concerned exactly how they are labeled. It's ok to try " female vocal" and everything else. See if any of these are closer to the sound you want to hear. The last few shows that I have done with the mixer are 98% factory presets only, with no tweaking at all ... But I may have switched through a few.

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