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  1. NO problem using third party antennas. There is a white paper posted somewhere on the Line 6 site that shows a bunch of them. Also we had quite good luck with the RF Venue CP24 helical antenna. It has about 9 dB of gain and many times will work better than the P180/360 antennas because their line amps will up the noise floor. So even though you get a little less gain you get a better signal to noise ratio which is more likely to be a gating factor.
  2. The input can handle 6vac p-p. So a gain of 20dB. depends on what the starting signal is. But the answer is likely yes.
  3. You cannot. L6 link operates at a much higher frequency than Relay can handle.
  4. I can think of a couple of work arounds. You could assign one monitor bus to be post fader and use that to control your backline speaker independently from your front speaker Or you could assign all of your inputs to a group. Then you could use the pan control for the group to change the ratio of left to right on the mains outputs.
  5. Your plan may work and it may not. The best solution would be to add paddles to the Line 6 wireless and split them apart by 3 meters or more and raise them up in the air to 2-3 meters.
  6. If you cannot 100% control all wifi in your venue you should not be running in RF2 mode. Switching to RF1 should go a long way towards solving your problems. How close is the tablet to the receiver's antennas? A minimum of 3 meters should be observed. This looks like you should be using paddle antennas. Using the supplied whip antennas will only go so far. You are limited to using 3 meters of antenna cable so you can't move them much.
  7. Unfortunately AES repeaters do not work. L6 link is not an AES/EBU signal. It is at a much higher data rate, hence the shorter max distance.
  8. Android is not "class compliant" and it is also much slower. Each Android manufacturer has their own version of the operating system. That means you have to create a number of apps and that drives costs.
  9. I tried your setup and what I found is that you have used a preset for input 3 that cannot ever be moved to 13-16 because it requires more DSP than is available on the line inputs. That preset (kick drum) will only operate in 1-12. The preset that you used for input 2 is one of those Arne mentioned in post #2 (AC gtr direct) and that one can be moved to any input.
  10. If you upgraded the firmware in your V70 units to v2.x and ran in RF2 mode you could probably get one wi-fi channel to operate unaffected as well. Alternately you could run your mixer at 5Ghz using an external router.
  11. Check out the new G70. Should be on store shelves very soon.
  12. One way to look at it I guess. OTOH, which $199 digital wireless IS upgradable at all? :D
  13. This is a new unit and it has never worked well? It probably is defective and switching it out should take care if the problem.
  14. You have deleted from the setup what was previously in 13/14? Can you backup your mixer and email me the file?
  15. Yes it will work fine but you will get the 6 available channel limit of the receiver.
  16. You need to be certain that both units are operating in the same RF mode. New units default to RF2 mode but can be switched to RF1 mode. Units more than 2 years old may only operate in RF1 mode (unless they have been flashed to the updated firmware. Usually RF1 is the best mode for stage bands. Check the FAQ for details.
  17. It would seem that some problem has developed with the receiver. The only other things you could try before sending it to the service center would be to try different antennas or to flash the receiver with new firmware.
  18. Because it is not intuitive it makes it difficult to understand. But when your IEM'antennas are very close to your G90's antennas they ARE IN THE SAME BAND. You must move one set of antennas to the other to get reliable operation.
  19. Are you trying to move stereo presets? They will lock out the other half.
  20. Not enough information to guess the cause. Could be a hardware issue, could have been the mic cable or possibly you accidentally brushed the touchscreen and unknowingly changed a parameter. It is likely that it is not a hardware problem as reloading a setup corrected the problem. A note about using scenes/setups ... I frequently make copies as I go along. I start with "My Scene" and as the night progresses I save any updates as "My Scene2", "My Scene3", etc. I blow them out at the end of a gig but this way you are less likely to have to start over should something like this happen.
  21. Yes, the monitors will receive a full range signal (unless you purposely change it using the parametric EQ in the monitor bus master).
  22. That's a job for your DeEsser (which is a special dynamic EQ preset really)
  23. Assuming the batteries are good (hope you've tried a couple of sets) and making contact properly then it sounds like a hardware issue. You should open a service ticket and get it checked out. Use "contact us" link at bottom of the page.
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