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Community Answers

  1. I have had a wire go loose in my capsule also doing similar.
  2. 50-75 ohm is impedance of the cable. pretty sure you want it to be 50-ohm for sure. Past that there are different classifications of the actual cable like LMR-XXX or RG-XX, where each classification basically says 'at these frequencies, this is how much signal loss you can expect per X distance'. I suggest LMR-240 because that's the best bang for the buck you'll probably find. if you're running really short (like 6 in jumpers) it probably won't make much of a difference over the more common RG-8 cable, but with the price difference, i'd rather get the one with less signal loss. Then the connector is the last important piece (BNC i believe in this case). Do an amazon search for "LMR-240 bnc" for examples. Keep in mind if you get a jumper, you'll probably need to get a coupler/gender changer for one side. Or look at the rack mount kits that will give you a front rack panel with a couple short jumpers so you can get the antenna mounts in front of your rack space. (i.e. Shure UA440)
  3. No, they won't. The G50 works on the 2.4GHz range, so 443MHz antennas won't pick up a clean signal. If you need to extend the antennas, i'd pick up a couple short LRM-240 grade or better extension cables and find a better place/way to mount the antennas (suction cups? magnets? short mic stands?)
  4. yes, it behaved similar. shake the mic a bit while talking, does it make it worse?
  5. I had one of my mic capsules have a wire come loose on the inside; i'd check that too.
  6. One other thing you can do is add some directional mics antennas pointed at you and away from the audience. That might help isolate the radio signals.
  7. Yup. you can even use the guitar body pack too (as long as it isn't the new G70/75 version). They just need to all be on the same RF mode.
  8. the M20d mixer is still a great mixer. I just think the support and updates for it has disappeared, as Yamaha is pushing their TF mixer line. I upgraded to the TF mixers (TF3 and TFRack) because i needed the aux sends and I love the Dante audio recording and stage box options.
  9. just make sure the channel number matches and it should work. (i'd make sure the handheld is in RF1 mode)
  10. Yes it does. I do it all the time with the v75 mic going to both the G50 and G90 receivers. It just won't work with the newer G70/75's.
  11. You mean the stuff at the bottom? hold down for a couple seconds and you can drag them to swap with other spot.
  12. The main reason i'd say no to this is because any instrument's electronics, and even the body will be hindering the antenna of the transmitter severely limiting the range.
  13. i constantly run a 5/6 pc band as well. I was running out of inputs any time i needed to mic anything more than kick/snare. But my main issue was aux sends, with everyone running in-ears, we ran out of mixes VERY quick. There are plenty of ways to get the same EQ mixing per speaker with matrix outs on the X32 board. The perks of the M20 are its size, and simplicity of tuning. The bottom line is that M20 does not let you grow; this is the only reason I swapped to the Yamaha TF mixers (i have the TF3 and TFRack). I loved working with the M20, but I needed more monitor sends, and there were a few gigs that i started using 30 input channels (needing to mic up a full drum kit and floor mics for dancers).
  14. What are the network settings on the M20? Right now according to your screens the iPad doesn't have an IP address yet. you have to wait until it times out DHCP and just fails back to a address before it has a chance of seeing the M20D. TO make things quicker you can have the M20D and the iPad use static addresses. I.E. for each: - M20D ip address - iPad ip address for both: - subnet mask
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