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  1. I'm in the market for something like this. Sort of a live mixer/backing track playback/basic recording console all-in-one. On paper, this mixer seems great for me: On board recording Simple playback of backing tracks Can connect to DAW to record Simplified mixing Saving live mix scenes for different venues Interactive with the StageSource speakers Lots of good DSP options for live use etc. But reading through this forum, it makes the StageScape mixer sound like a failed product experiment that Line6 has left to die on the vine with little reliability or support. Is that the case or is this product still viable and relevant in 2018? Is there a better way to get the same things these days? QSC Live Touch 16?
  2. It will sound as if you mic'ed a full tilt amp in a sound proof room and then walked into another room with a long cord and played the amp listening to the output through headphones or monitors.
  3. I wish I would have know how much better it sounds than my old HD500x. I would have purchased it six months sooner.
  4. Damn, Line6 no showed?! I was planning on doing one in a month that is an hour away, but not sure its worth it to drive for nothing. For those that have gone, did you find it useful? I've had the Helix for a month now and have dug into it fairly well. Is there something at these things for the more advanced modeling user?
  5. jhinds7

    Tube amps Gone?

    In 2008 or so, my main gig went to zero stage noise. At that point, I sold the last of my amps and went full on modeling. It was the Axe-FX I used back in those days. Helix is what I use these days. Now that I have my head wrapped around all of the positive benefits of modeling, I can't see myself ever going back to an actual, old school tube amp. Too restrictive by comparison.
  6. Stop, then Rec to clear old loop and start recording a new one.
  7. PLEASE post this over at TGP in the Digital & Modeling forum :)
  8. Wow, I thought I was the only person doing that. I split 50/50 on guitar and bass with no other guitar player. The Helix is fantastic for that. Our trio does the same thing, but I run everything into the (my) PA which goes with us from gig to gig. If I didn't own the PA and had to rely on a local soundman, I'd get a lightweight, powered wedge of some type that could handle bass and guitar. I don't like to schlep more than I absolutely have to these days.
  9. Thanks for the laugh. I would have a great time writing the response to that email which concluded with my resignation. Life is too short to play with douchebags.
  10. I play in a trio where I sing and double on acoustic/electric guitar or bass depending on the songs. I go directly to the PA, which is also mine. Before the Helix, I had the HD500x and was able to get so so bass tones that made me miss my amp a bit. Now with the Helix running 2.21, I'm getting really good bass tones and I'm not sure if my bass amps are ever coming out of the closet again. I just use the G Cougar 800 (GK 800RB) amp with the 6x10 Cali Power (6x10" MESA/Boogie® Power House) cab. I run a little compression in front of the amp and a little eq after the cab, mostly to accentuate the highs and boost the volume a bit. On the amp model, I run the boost and contour off and dial eq to taste. Sounds fantastic. I use that sound for a little more aggressive, rock and funk songs. I'm going to build another preset for more laid back tunes now. A guy I have played with for decades came to our last gig and he commented how good the bass tones were through the PA. To me, feels like playing a good amp.
  11. I just recently got the 500x, but I've been using modeling tech for a couple of decades now. Keep in mind, I use a JTV69 with mine, so the 500x is switching both amp/effects and guitars for me. After a few weeks of use my setup is: Acoustic preset - sets JTV to Acoustic 1 and adds a little EQ - straight up acoustic JTM/Special - set JTV to Les Paul Special Bridge and amp on JTM/4x12 with a tube screamer disabled - basic crunch tone Solo - sets JTV to Les Paul bridge pickup and amp is %13 with a tube screamer, delay and reverb on - nice, big saturated solo tone SuperReverb - sets JTV to strat neck and amp is twin head with 4x10 cab, reverb and tube driver on standby - clean/mild gain guitar tone Bass - I use a real bass and use the GK model with the bass 4x10 cab model (it's hard for me to tell it apart from my GK amp) Those get me through my 4 hour gigs. I'm sure in time I'll add some specialty presets in there, but that's the meat and potatoes there.
  12. I've been going an acoustic show at local pubs with my acoustic guitar, mic into a TC Helicon Play Acoustic pedaldirect to PA for a couple of years. I found that while the TC pedal has great vocal harmony capabilities, I didn't use them that much. But rather I wanted more processing for guitar tones. So recently, I swapped out my acoustic guitar and TC Helicon Acoustic pedal for a JTV69 and HD500x. I'm really enjoying what this gives me in terms of guitar applications. Acoustic guitars plus electric guitar/amps sounds direct to PA. I've got the HD500x setup when Variax is on input 1 and mic is on input 2 with split presets for separate processing of guitar and vocals feeding hard panned XLR outs with the outputs adjusted accordingly. This has been working great so far, but I'm finding that I'm spending most of my time working on the acoustic and electric guitar sounds. Now that I've got those dialed in, I'm started to think about what I can have the HD500x do to my vocals, if anything. Right now, I just have them going through the signal chain dry or maybe with a splash of reverb. My question is, are there others here using the HD500x to process live vocals? If so, what sort of effects blocks do you find useful for that application? Just trying to get the best live vocal tones out of it that I can.
  13. I just got a HD500x and bought it over other products because I could run a JTV69 Variax into it AND a mic at the same time. Very slick feature for small gig applications. This setup replaced my TC Helicon Acoustic Live pedal and acoustic guitar.
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