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  1. I think they are worth it. I have Line 6 bags for my entire system. However after only 8 weeks one of the L3T bags blew a wheel. The plastic housing snapped in half. Called Sweetwater and they promptly looked after me, no hassle. I only hope this was an isolated incident. Two or three bad wheels in perhaps thousands of bags isn't too bad. The fit of the bags are great. I was using for 2 years, Lacrosse bags for the speakers. They have wheels and are a tight fit, they aren't padded though and the bags eventually wore out. Just hoping the Line 6 wheel issue is just a rare occurrence. Other than that the bags are great.
  2. I disagree. Using the M20d opens up way more ability to eq the entire system. Without it there are several features such as the 32 band eq you can't access for each speaker and the entire system. I run a 5/6 pc band without issue. Each has a mic and each gets a channel for their instrument. If running stereo output, which is useful for smaller venues, you still have 4 more channels available without using the 1/8"stereo input (which I only ever use for iPod during breaks). The fact that on the fly I can reconfigure what comes out of each speaker without cable changes is fantastic. You have 4 aux sends and I rarely use them all. I have everyone going direct in to the mixer and and using 2 L3T's and 1 L3s everyone hears what the audience is hearing. It took a little time to get used to the change from on stage amps and lots of 'me', but now our band mix is far closer the mix we produce on the CD's. The Midas is a great board. More features and such though don't always make for better sound or ease of live engineering. The Midas board is the same as the Behringer X32 only with Midas pre's and faders. It is a lot of board unless using it in a studio so the when comparing the M20d is lighter, easier to use and has full digital out to the speakers. So many great 'live' features make getting a great sound quickly and consistently make the M20d a really great live use mixer. The M20d is for the band that self mixes on stage on the road, quick and simple.
  3. Just use 'Auto Trim' when you get to the gig. Play your loudest passage and your entire gains are set. Record a quick 20second loop then have the band go out into the audience area and listen. Make your adjustments to the level output of each instrument and save the setup as a gig place i.e.. Bob's Bar That's all there is. Every time you play that place load the setup for Bob's bar and you will have very little changes to make. If you are talking eq settings for the mains there are different settings for the venue type to help eq the speakers. Just tap the mains level meter and then tweak. There are a dozen factory made setting for different venue types. You can also tweak them and save your own settings and preferences. Same goes for any instrument setting you choose for a channel. Cheers
  4. I have the entire Stagecape/Stagesource system and it is second to none. I play to crowds of several hundred to several thousand and have never had a lack of bass issue. Are you using the M20d mixer? Are you using the L6Link for the L3's? Are you using AES 110 digital rated runs under 50'? What instruments are you using? Are the drums acoustic or digital? If acoustic how and which mic are you using? If digital, who's product and what kit are you using? Type of bass, any effects, filters etc? What settings are you using on the L3 mains? What specific live bass sound are you trying to reproduce? If you give us more details regarding the equipment you are using and the instruments being played, we may be able to help maximize your SPL to your liking. Arguing over wattage is like complaining a street bike has less horsepower than a Porsche. Efficiency is also a key factor as well as intended use. When all the firmware is current for each speaker, the appropriate settings chosen for the task the drivers are going to do, the correct room and overall eq settings I have found the system is pretty amazing, and I have had the best Yorkville, Bose, EV and JBL has to offer and they don't come close in overall realism. Let's see if we can get this issue solved, Cheers
  5. Not sure what just happened but I tried your suggestions and nothing seemed to work. I connected the iPad directly to the usb and it was not seen no matter what I tried to do, I was trying force the iPad to accept the M20d as a "trusted Device". Still not working I pulled the wifi out from the mixer plugged back in again, nothing. Removed the SD card and wifi, plugged wifi only back in and 2 mins later tried to re-connect the iPad and it worked??? I'm going to try again over the next few days. I really need this to work as I have a gig coming up at the Sony centre performing to 15k over 5 shows and the next week another 2k over 4 shows on the Toronto island cruises. I love the convenience of digital but am frustrated with the reliability. Thanks so much for your help and suggestions. Cheers
  6. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. My M20d and iPadPro (iOS 10.3.2) no longer communicate wirelessly. I have been using a Samsung WIS12ABGNX wireless LAN adapter for a couple of years now and everything was great. iOS updated and now the app and the M20d won't connect. The adapter is still working as the iPad 'sees' the M20d as a device, but not as a network??? It tells me the 'M20d' is not connected to the internet and when I 'join anyway' the app never finds it. I included some pics to help explain. Any thoughts?
  7. I have used Warrior lacrosse bags for the last 3 years. They are a tight fight in height but they work. At $49 CAN they are a bargain. I have just ordered new L3T bags as the lack of padded protection has resulted in a mildly dented speaker grill and some minor grill scratches.
  8. Hey Jeff sorry to hear you are having some frustrations. I am a longtime user of the Line 6 digital link and must say I've not run into those issues. However I believe it is because I am using the complete system. I have a 5pc band and we all use direct in via the M20D mixer. I believe Line 6 intended the L6 link to work in tandem with their mixer and speakers, with the option of using their speakers with their other products, only. Like Apple, I believe this is a closed architecture but unlike the "open" systems, I have found the Line 6 system very competent in doing exactly what they claimed and without all the other headaches of incompatibility introduced by a 'non-compliant' product. By using their mixer, 4 L3t's, L3s and my ipad, I have no amps on stage everyone is direct into the mixer. It took a while to get the guitar and bass presets tweaked just right for their individual preferences, but the effort was worth it, we now have 1 point source for stage monitor volumes etc., and 1 for FOH. I know this doesn't solve your immediate issue, but perhaps you could consider investing in the mixer?
  9. I'll give it a listen and try to help you. PM me and send it as an mp3 or send me the complete wave files from your m20d with the individual tracks and your setup backup... Contrary to what some people might say you can play and tweak the sound...I do it 2 three times a month. The Line 6 videos on the mixer features are a great start. Learning how each of the instruments interact with each other is very important. I.E. Using high and low pass filters to clear up frequency room will improve the 'live, airy sound' we look for. Using and understanding the auto trim function will also help. I have sat down with each band member and spent about an hour with each adjusting their sound out of the mains and monitors. Using the 6 band eq option has helped get just the right sound for them. I also use the remote app on my iPad to monitor the entire band from the audience. YES I BOUGHT AN IPAD AND WIRELESS DONGLE JUST TO DO THIS! Once you try this out, you will never go back to the old 'adjust, run out to the audience, run back, adjust etc.' I use both the 20 sec recording as well as recording and playback of a longer test to help adjust the sound balance. I have the band go out into the audience and listen critically to the overall balance and quality of the sound. Sometimes an offending sound or instrument, is self imposed and fixed by the offender after hearing what everyone else hears. In most cases the band balance (FOH perform levels and instrument levels in relation to the entire soundscape) rarely changes from venue to venue. Overall their are "standards" that most bands follow regarding balance... lead vocal rides on top of band, bass guitar is balance a little below the lead and the drums are present but not dominant etc. You will find however the 32 band eq settings or DSP setting will change from gig to gig. I shape the FOH sound and save the setting from place to place naming them so I always have a good base setting to work from. Yes there is a learning curve for us 50+ never growing up with a computer etc. but some patience, practice and reading the manual should get you the sound you want. Cheers,
  10. The name Dreamstage (or Dreamrig) kept getting auto corrected on my Mac without me realizing. Sorry for the confusion. Both Yorkville and Long and Mcquade told us (the band) that our Line 6 gear was discontinued. I understand that Steve has corrected this mis-information with both. As it sits right now though, I am no longer able to rent the Line 6 PA gear, nor do I get a temporary replacement on loan when any of our gear is being repaired as was the case last year. I have the M20D, 4 L3t's and L3s's that we use for both mains and monitors for the band. These are all connected via the L6 link using custom made 110-ohm AES/EBU cables. We have simplified the entire stage by eliminating all other amps (stopping individuals 'cranking' their amp volume) and using only the stagesource speakers. This has really cut down on the on-stage volume and the competing between the players avoiding the "I can't hear myself", I use a voicelive 3 and a Voicesolo FX150 as my personal monitor for lead vocal and keys. We now have 1 point of volume control and mix. The sound almost perfectly mirrors the FOH sound on-stage from the monitors. So while 2 of our L3t's were in for repair, I had to run two back to back gigs without monitors. Our guitar's and bass player brought in their amps to use as monitors and we had to use them for the Roland drum monitors for our drummer. Drummer complained all night the sound sucked and he could not hear himself, Guitar's screamed all night and the bass was lost :( We gig professionally and the venues have come to expect our particular sound quality. It was an unfortunate circumstance exacerbated by the lack of forethought on Long and Mcquade's and their parent company Yorkville. You can imagine our panic as we were told not only would the repairs take 2 weeks (16 days actually) but because the entire system has been discontinued there were no units available for us to even rent or take on loan. Figuring I have over $10K invested I needed to either dump and run or protect what I have as best as I could. I chose the latter and I called Line 6 to purchase a complete set of bags for our equipment in hopes that their bags would protect the equipment better than the cheap bags we are currently using. Fortunately when I mentioned my concerns to Steven Bartkoski, he promptly assured me that 'discontinued' not the case for us Canadians. As it sits today, however, I cannot order anything from Line 6 directly either through them or paypal. Only those ordering from within the US are allowed. Hopefully before end of day today there will be a workaround for this too. No one in our area has the bags available and due to what ever reasoning they base their prices on, it is cheaper for me to drive down to the US and pay gas, duty, taxes and exchange rates...way to go Canada and Freetrade! I guess I'll make a weekend out of the trip and take in some local entertainment. Aside from all this negativity, the system has performed flawlessly for us. As promised, the sound has continued to get better and better. The convenience of digital is un-parrellalled. Being able to adjust the sound from the audience using my wireless mic and iPad is a godsend! Using the L6 link and 32 band eq, DSP etc. has provided our band with a high quality sound I have never heard repeated live with any other equipment except for the obvious 'big players' concerts... Steely Dan and The Eagles sound is consistently amazing. I've rambled on long enough. Looking forward to many more years of gig'n with Line 6 equipment and here is hoping Line 6 listen's and acts upon their users concerns and requests. Cheers to all,
  11. In Canada we are being told the Line 6 dreamscape system has been discontinued. The source is both Long and McQuade and Yorkville. The lame explanation we got was that Yamaha bought Line 6 and decided to kill the Dreamscape system. I have been in touch with Steven Bartkoski of Line 6 and he assured me the information we received in incorrect. He is contacting Yorkville and Long and Mcquade today to make sure this miss-information doesn't continue. My apologies to the moderator and the community.
  12. It's official, Yamaha has discontinued the entire Dreamscape system. Mixer, speakers etc. I invested $10k in a system and company that took the money and buried the future of the equipment. I made the major change in 2012 and I traded in my entire Yorkville Unity system (still actively sold and serviced today) under the understanding the software fof both mixer and speakers would be improved and widened to include both iOS and Android. As someone that gigs professionally I would never have invested $10k in a new system knowing it was on the brink of being discontinued. Thanks a lot Line6 and Yamaha, time to sell our systems and invest in QSC or Mackie.
  13. Not sure if this helps anyone with vibration/rattle issues, but here is what I have found out. My bass guitarist and I were testing out the new Dreamscape system I just bought...4 L3T's (2 mains, 2 monitors) 1 L3S (for now) and the M20d. At first we plugged the bass, keyboard and mics direct in to the speakers before adding the mixer. Three(3) of the four(4) L3T's rattled on bass notes. lower D and E were particularly bad. Quite by accident my bassist tapped the front grill and low and behold the vibration/rattle occurred! It is the rotatable line 6 label that is buzzing. I pulled the label out just enough to rotate and placed tiny soft foam packing behind either side of the label and the noise was gone! See pic for temporary fix. The sound of this system is fantastic. Now if only we could get Line 6 to mail out to their suppliers thin little black foam pads for the labels on our speakers I think many of the buzz, rattle or vibration complaints would be solved. Anyway that is my two cents worth of knowledge. Cheers,
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