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  1. If you haven't yet, uninstall your old Helix editor. There is mention of doing that in the new firmware notes. Don't know if that will help but noticed it hadn't been mentioned here yet.
  2. You might want to take a look at this thread on using the CV output as a second amp controller output. It might enable you to control both heads simultaneously.
  3. Is there anything I can do to stop the StageScape Remote iPad app from closing when I multitask on my iPad? It seems that whenever I switch from OnSong to the StageScape Remote application, the StageScape app has to be re-opened and I have to wait for it to reconnect to the M20d mixer. I am using the proper iPad mult-task procedure (double click the iPad button) when I switch from OnSong to the StageScape. I can successfully switch between OnSong and other applications without having to reopen them so this appears to be an issue specific to the StageScape app. If anyone has a way for me to configure the StageScape app to persist when switched from, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, this is definitely a fix I hope Line6 will work into a future release of the StageScape Remote app.
  4. Greetings Line6, Can anyone at Line6 give us an idea as to when to expect the next firmware/software update for the M20d? It would be nice to see some enhancements, fixes, and perhaps some new effects and presets.
  5. dboomer, Absolutely delighted that Line6 has resolved the fan issue. I just got two new L2Ms from Guitar Center about two weeks ago and they both have rattling fans. I intend to return them and order two with the new fans. How can I make sure that Guitar Center procures two new speakers? Is there a serial number range I can request? Thanks!
  6. cruisinon2, I am not sure there is such a concrete answer to be given here regarding getting your money back or at least a guarantee of a free repair. I have been working with both Guitar Center and Line6 and have made substantial progress towards a more satisfactory resolution. Ultimately the best resolution will be when these speakers have different fans coming off the production line, existing defective fans have been swapped out for free, and none of my musician brothers or sisters have to deal with this issue ever again. I would encourage anyone who has issues to work with whoever sold them their speaker(s) or Line6 until they get satisfaction. That may mean getting your money back or getting a guarantee of a free repair. There are no absolutes here. Your resolution will depend on who you are dealing with and how you go about it. There is no reason anyone should feel like they have to settle for being saddled with defective equipment. There is much to love about this system and it should be awesome once they get it right. Until then, I urge anyone impacted to constructively pursue being made whole. Don't give up, we are all in this together!
  7. Tinorios, A host of thoughtful and helpful posts! Thank you for your efforts and input!
  8. I felt I should update this post. Line6 says the deletion was the result of a rogue action and not an intentional attempt by Line6 to delete these posts. At least that is what they say, and as of right now, I tend to believe them! They have restored most if not all of the posts and the topics. Way to go Line6!
  9. TheRealZap, Firstly I don't believe I have ever claimed that this issue impacts 100% of LIne6 speakers. I have been careful to note that there is no way for me to know how extensive and far reaching this problem is. Simply that it is much more widespread, louder, and more serious than the posts downplaying it have led some to believe. With that said, Line6 does admit the problem is with the fan and it may or may not indeed turn out to be a problem in most if not all of their speakers depending on how often that part was used and what its problem rate turns out to be. Only time will tell, there is no way for me to accurately assess the extent of the problem. Only Line6 (maybe?) knows for sure. I am in no way trying to censor anyone, even if they are not "adding perspective" to the thread as you so euphemistically characterize their posts. I fully endorse everyone's right to be on this topic, even if they choose to take pot shots at those of us who are down for the count. This does not mean that I must refrain from making them aware that sitting back in the peanut gallery and sniping as if this is some kind of sport while other people are actually dealing with a really expensive and stressful problem has an extremely negative impact and causes real pain for real people. Pain that I know is difficult to percieve sometimes when you are posting into cyberspace. There is nothing wrong with encouraging them to spend time on topics where they do not cause others pain and potentially hinder legitimate efforts to get a problem resolved. By your definition, are you not attempting to censor me right now? The next time it could be their issue. As a "Line6 Expert" you should be encouraging the highest level of camaraderie and behavior on this forum. This is an extremely sensitive topic. To my knowledge Line6 has never produced as expensive a suite of products as this before. This issue is unprecedented in scale and impact, it is not a minor issue involving a sticking switch on someone's foot pedal. How are you helping to get this issue resolved? You carry a lot of weight, and have made thousands of posts. Instead of trying to modify my behavior, why not use your prestige and credibility to help with a resolution for a worthy cause, one both the user base and Line6 desperately wish to solve quickly and put behind us! We look to you and others with your experience to help make this difficult time a bit easier. I agree with you, censorship is a terrible thing. If the attacks upon the more vocal of us in this forum would stop for long enough, I would like to stop posting for now and give Line6 a bit more time to resolve this. From what they are telling me the long wait for a fix may be close to a resolution. I would remind everyone that we are not adversaries but fellow musicians and soundmen and fans of Line6 equipment who share the same concerns and can potentially suffer the same fallout from a defective product. What goes around, comes around!
  10. SiWatts69, Wow, you have jumped in on a topic where you have absolutely no dog in the fight just so you could crap on everyone who is already having a bad day due to a long known Line6 production problem. To be fair, you do lack some context as most of the people who had posted here about this problem have had their posts deleted. Line6 is currently making an effort to restore them and did not actually authorize the deletion. I know because I spoke with them. Did you know for instance that this is a known production problem by Line6? There was a (now deleted) post with a Line6 rep simultaneously stating that the rattle is a known production line issue (so much for your comment about it not being one) and that Line6 has been working on a fix. They did their level best to make it appear that it was not the major issue it is, but they did admit to it. There are posts regarding this issue going back over a year. Almost every point you made is erroneous, some are almost laughable. I will not dignify them with an answer or repeat myself as all of these points have been addressed already by people who are unfortunately intimately familiar with the issue and infinitely more qualified than yourself to comment on it. I had started my posting in this topic by being meticulously courteous while also endeavoring to be firm and not let Line6 off the hook for a long running problem that has cost its users thousands of dollars and unbelievable stress. I no longer have the patience not to call out these very few fellow users in our community for bad behavior. I have been a member on these boards for more years than most. I do not have a history of flaming Line6 nor do I wish to. THIS IS A LEGITIMATE AND VERY EXPENSIVE PROBLEM FOR THOSE OF US WHO ARE IMPACTED. I, along with many others have a serious and expensive rattling problem that Line6 has acknowledged both publicly and privately with their production and speaker design. They have had to be dragged kicking and screaming but they have acknowledged it. We on this forum are making a sincere effort to work things out with Line6, warn prospective buyers and express the pain, enormous expense, stress, and inconvenience we have all been subjected to because Line6 has continued to sell speakers they know to be defective. Despite the abuse heaped on us by fellow users who do not seem to fully grasp the magnitude and scope of this issue, several of us have endeavored to provide a warning to prospective buyers of these speakers and simultaneously be vocal enough to encourage Line6 to stop selling defective speakers, fix the issue, and compensate those who have been impacted. Our efforts have been met from just a very few members of the Line6 community with derision, abuse, and repeated and not so well intentioned proclamations from those who claim they either have not been impacted by this issue or even worse, don't even own these speakers. Please don't fetishize these boards by being an abusive windbag on issues that don't impact you. I realize this is just an academic exercize to you, but it is a really bad scene for us. You are just having some fun commenting critically on an issue that does not directly impact you. You should know that you are causing real pain and consternation with your comments to those of us who are out a lot of money and time and still have no resolution. There are plenty of other topics here on the forum that may amuse you and where you may be of great assistance. I encourage you to spend your time on those topics. I do not understand why rabid fanboys have to jump into topics that are basically intended as dialogs between impacted customers and Line6 and show their undying loyalty to Line6 at the expense of everyone who is trying to work out a known issue with Line6. Your posts are divisive and trade on every affected user's pain in a vain effort to raise yourself up in the eyes of the Line6 reps. Btw, after talking to the reps I believe there is a good chance that most of the reps are hip to this sort of pandering, so save your breath and save us the aggravation. At the very time when you should be supporting your fellow users you are undermining them. This is not a good practice in any forum and should be avoided, pointed out, and condemned when it occurs. So now, I am pointing it out in no uncertain terms. Are you happy now you have made your best effort to "kill the messengers"? Btw, here is an update. A high level exec at Line6 has contacted me, they appear to be agressively pursuing a fix and are well aware that their handling of this issue could have been more elegant. I found their representative to be courteous, well informed, and I believe well intentioned. They still have not made any concrete promises or reparations but I honestly believe that they may have a fix soon and will make an effort to deliver it free of charge to ANYONE who has been impacted. That of course remains to be seen. I would entreat all of my fellow Line6 forum members not to attack us on this topic as we "work through the process". We may have moments of anger or frustration or venting that you simply may not empathize with as you have been spared this issue. This issue has been dragging on for quite a while and neither Line6 nor the affected user base is happy about it. You may one day find yourself in a similiar position with an unresolved product problem through no fault of your own. Believe me when I say you will not appreciate your fellow forum members jumping into your topic and being unfairly critical or denying that there is an issue simply because they don't have it, can't hear it, or don't use the system in a way that evokes it. Your behavior is particularly confounding in this case where Line6 has slowly admitted, at least on this forum, there is a real issue.
  11. Digital-sound, You may only feel that we need to hear about defective speakers once but apparently Line6 needs to hear about them at length because over a year has gone by with no fix and continued denials regarding the severity of the problem as well as continued sales of a product with a known defect. The effort to work with customer support is underway. I have reached out to support on several occasions by phone and trouble ticket and I am looking forward to a resolution. You appear to have become hostile. Accusing this topic of having become "crazy" is just hyperbole as well as being a most uncharitable description of people trying their level best to solve a problem you are feeling no pain from. Perhaps there are better topics for you to frequent than this one as you appear to be unaffected by the issue.
  12. To all my brothers and sisters on the forum, We who are experiencing this issue with a pronounced rattle and trying to get a resolution appreciate knowing that there are people who are not impacted by it. We are happy for you if not perhaps indeed a little envious as we peek over the room divider and see your working speakers. With that said, I don't know how constructive it is to repeatedly chime in about how your speakers are working correctly. We who are impacted by this issue are trying to work with Line6 to get a resolution. Your repetition of how your speaker "works perfectly" diminishes our voice, precisely when we need to send a unified and loud and clear message to Line6. Frankly, it feels a little as if I was in a long line of people at the local electronics store all returning the exact same defective TV and there is someone repeatedly running up to the front of the line and yelling "My TV works fine", over and over. We get it, one post about how well yours is working is informative, it tells us that some people either don't have the rattle, or don't encounter it in THEIR normal usage. Several posts makes you a bit of a shill for Line6 and does not assist your fellow brothers and sisters in the Line6 community in reaching a satisfactory resolution with Line6. I promise you that you will feel exactly as I do about these repeated posts if you ever have a problem with your Line6 equipment that you are trying to resolve. You will not appreciate the same person repeatedly posting into the forum that their device works properly when you are trying to resolve a genuine factory defect with Line6. I do want to express my appreciation for the assistance, observations, suggestions, and other attempts to be helpful that, paradoxically, these same fellow users have made. Frankly I also understand people's desire to be in Line6's good graces. I would prefer not to be making these posts. I do not wish to incur the wrath of Line6. I intend to use their products for many years to come and have no wish to antagonize them. I am sure I will need a friendly and helpful customer service rep at some point in the future. I would like to live in hopes that my consistently glowing reviews would result in them sending me some free merchandise. Ahhh, sigh, however, such is not my current situation. In summation, if you feel you have to post "that yours works fine" into a topic where people are trying to resolve a defect with Line6. Please do it only once! Everyone values your constructive input on the issue, please, have at it. However, you only need to say "yours works fine" once, we get it. Postscript: I wish some of you would provide your perfectly working speakers to Line6 so they examine them for what is different from the defective speakers.
  13. To all of my brothers and sisters who have working Silverhead, I do have defective speakers, 2 L3Ms. I also have L3S subs. I have not used the subs enough to determine if they have an issue but I must admit I am now worried about it after having a total of 6 defective L2M(4 speakers) and L3M(2 speakers) speakers. I have an open ticket with Line6 and they have made what I believe to be a sincere effort to reach out to me. They left a message asking me to call back but we have been unable to connect as of yet. I still have faith in Line6 customer service and have high expectations we will be able to resolve the issue. However, my sympathies still lie with all the folks who have been impacted and inconvenienced by this issue and I would like to see Line6 deal with it in a more proactive manner. I would feel better about the situation if I had not bought my speakers brand new, over a year after Line6 had been alerted to this issue. That seems to be a long time to continue to sell a product with a known defect without some sort of fix.
  14. "Sdevino", I appreciate the point you are making about there being a way to make every speaker buzz or rattle with the right amount of power and just the right method in the lab. That does not explain away or excuse the blatant rattle in Line6 speakers under normal playing conditions. Most other manufacturer's speakers simply are not this vulnerable to loud rattling and flat out don't produce it under normal usage. Any of us who have used other manufacturer's speakers with our Line6 system have noticed that you cannot recreate this loud rattle with any other brand of speakers, no matter what you try. No combination of circumstances seems to create this loud rattle on anything other than Line6 speakers! I don't feel you have added "perspective" to this issue. Instead, once again, it seems as if Line6 is again minimizing and muddying the issue. Previous tactics to minimize the issue have included the following: The rattle is miminal and inaudible in live performance (not true) The rattle only occurs with guitar and bass (not true) The rattle only occurs on a few speakers (not true from what we have seen on the forum; additionally "sdevino's" own post seems to imply that noise can be reliably recreated on any speaker once you know how to do it. That is indeed the situation we on the forum have noticed with all of the Line6 speakers we have tested. We are from different geographical locations, clearly this issue is widespread, probably not just a few speakers) Now I can add "sdevinos" explanation to this list, paraphrased "that every other manufacturer's speakers will exibit this behavior" (not true, other quality speakers do not demonstrate this behavior under "normal" operating conditions despite what you may or may not be able to drive them to do in the lab) You have a production defect in your speakers. It is obvious, blatant and loud under normal operating conditions! Other brands of mid to high range quality speakers do not rattle or buzz so audibly under normal usage. If they did those manufacturer's speakers would have long since been fixed or pushed out of the market place. Most of us on the forum did not require someone to "teach" us how to produce the rattle. Are you now inferring that the problem is not that there is a rattle but that we have "taught" people to spot it? That is analogous to saying that the problem is not the assault but the fact that it was reported. We customers unfortunately stumbled across this issue under normal usage. There is a good chance that many other users will encounter this sound (many long after their return period has expired) if they add or change instruments they use in the band or use any of a wide number of settings. We on the forum did not have to provide some arcane method of finding this rattle by playing in a trapezoidally shaped room with a glockenspiel played at clipping levels. This rattle occurs under normal playing conditions with everyday instruments and settings! I understand Line6 trying to exhaust every prossible way of minimizing, rationalizing, and otherwise blurring the seriousness of this defect. All of them remain counter-productive. The right path here is to acknowledge the problem, not state that every other manufactuer's speaker has it. That is simply not accurate or demonstrable by anything we are encountering out here in the real world, despite the fact that "sdevino" states they can reproduce this defect in a test lab on other speakers. You are right to point out that users should not expect a speaker to be "bullet proof" under all circumstances, we understand that physics, design and cost limitations play a part. We just expect a speaker that does not rattle LOUDLY under normal operating conditions. I might add, if Line6 had spent a fraction of the time testing their own speakers that they appear to have spent testing for rattles in other manufacturer's speakers they might have nipped this issue in the bud and spared their customers the problem. You have known about this issue for over a year. Stop producing and selling these speakers until they are redesigned/fixed! Redesign them already and swap in new parts on existing speakers and please stop deluding yourselves that this is business as usual and that these speakers have the same problem as everybody else's They do not! Even if every other speaker had this issue (they don't) that would not be a good reason not to fix it. Line6 speakers are fantastic sounding speakers in their own right. These are superb sounding speakers with some unique and wonderful features, but they have a major defect. "Sdevino" please ask yourself if you would assert the opposite of what you stated in your post. Would you assert that, with the right settings, every other manufacturer's speakers can sound just as good as Line6 speakers? No you would not! It would not be true! So why assert the opposite (that every other manufacturer's speakers can be made to produce this rattle and have this same or a similiar defect; it is simply not true under normal usage, which is what counts)? Line6 speakers would sound better than many others were it not for this critical defect. Their magnificent potential is abundantly obvious. The best way to do damage control here is to admit the problem, promise a fix and/or some sort of compensation to current affected users and by all means stop selling fatally flawed speakers to new customers. Make a promise to your affected users, fix it and move on. Anything else looks like double-talk, propoganda, rationalization, and denial. You cannot talk your way out of a physical defect.
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