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Help! Pod Hd 500 Repair


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I would, please.

mine has started to give double clicks when pushing down, which can lead to unwanted results.

thank You

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line6fix.jpgOK - Follow these instructions at your own risk.

Here's what I discovered after my broke OUT OF WARRANTY...
then could NOT get a call-back from the Flint, Michigan area Line 6 authorized repair center.  

NOT LINE6's fault - but not a good thing that the local center did not return my calls after leaving messages on their voicemail 2 days in a row.


Now that's I'm done complaining... here's the scoop


I needed my HD500 for a show the same day it broke. I even called the local Guitar Centers to buy another one til I could fix this one. I have a full blown pedal board I could have used - but I love the ease and tones of the HD500. The picture on the right is a composite of 2 seperate picts that Jônatas/freaker sent me of his issue. Exactly the same problem I had. I know exactly when mine broke - it got hit from the side from another piece of gear being packed near it. The switch is NOT soldered onto the board...it is held in by friction. If it were soldered in, it could damage the board if it gets jarred' like this again. However, the PINS on the circuit board were NOT holding my switch into place well enough for me to have confidence that they were going to hold, so... I was VERY VERY careful to let a small drop of solder "fall" into place where I spread the pins apart to hold the clips in place. I AM NOT INSTRUCTING YOU TO USE SOLDER. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK - AS YOU COULD CAUSE SERIOUS IRREVERSABLE DAMAGE. That being said - I did it on mine and am happy knowing that it is not going to fall out of the clips again..and knowing I need to seriously protect the switch with loading in and out of venues and in the vehicle to and from shows.   




Place the switch on the green plastic controller and carefully spread the pins in RED apart to hold the switch in place into the indentations that line up with pins.


Gently rock the switch off axis to see if it will hold. MINE DID NOT HOLD. That's why I made the decision to solder it and BE very careful with this switch from now on.


Contact me on the forums here if you do this and it works for you. Mine is used several times a week and holding strong. Good luck guys....(and girls)



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