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G30 Receiver Suddenly Not Working

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Good morning!


This past weekend, my G30 receiver suddenly stopped working. Before I pursue getting it serviced, I'd like to see if there is anything I can do. Two weekends ago, it was working fine. I have been using the G30 transmitter it came with, with one bass, and a G50 transmitter I bought seperately with another bass, with no problems. This past weekend, I went to play during soundcheck, and I noticed the transmitter had 3 red LED's lit up on the signal meter, and one flashing red LED on the battery meter, flashing 3 times at a time. I haven't updated the firmware, so I cannot switch between RF1 and RF2, that I know of. Thank you for your help!



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Flashing LEDs indicate an error code.


You could try updating the firmware which may clear it.  If that fails it will probably need to be returned for service.

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