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Mobile Keys and Midi Learn Controller in Pod Farm?

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Just wanted to know if this is at all doable. I'm about to buy a FBV MKII as I NEED Pod Farm. I'm a twitch streamer and use Pod Farm for voice alterring. I've been looking for a way to change/control podfarms Setlists and tones.


The thing is, the MKII doesn't have enough buttons for me. I was hoping it would be possible to use a Mobile Keys 25 to change between custom tones I've made. Would make my life much easier considering the amount of buttons it has as well. Has anyone tried this or know if it would work? If not I'll have to pick up and MKII.


Appreciate your guys time. Heading out tomorrow to guitar center to pick up an MKII. If I could get a response before regarding the Mobile Keys 25 aspect...Would make my life much easier.


Or better yet, could I use any midi keyboard to bind a tone via Pod Farm? Or does it HAVE to be Line 6 based in order to work?


Overall you can see I'm grasping for straws and solution. Any advice would help.

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