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Thinking of returning to the flock....


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Just curious about the new Standard.  I had a couple JTVs (69s) a few years back and was disappointed in the build quality.  Wondering if anyone has had a new Standard long enough to comment on playability and build quality compared to the JTV import line.  Thanks!

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I don't have any experience with the JTV import line, but I can tell you that the build quality of the Variax Standard that I received is very good. Just noticed the far string tree should be relocated for better string angle pressure on the string nut is all. It's pretty much the same build quality as an American Standard Strat in my opinion. Since the components; (neck, nut, frets, bridge), are constructed about the same as they have been for decades, then I would assume that the level playability would be determined by your set up skills, or those of your tech.


New development....I did have a knob top fall off. Pretty minor deal but a build quality issue right? Not too worried.

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