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Connection Problem With Iphone 4s

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Just purchased a sonic port from GC.


Currently I have iphone 4s and ipad 4th with latest iOS on both devices. 


I tried the sonic port with garageband, ampkit, and mobile pod on ipad, it worked perfect without any problem but iphone won't get any signals or sound from sonic port at all.


Would it be a cable problem? because I use the lightning cable with an ipad and 30pin cable with an iphone. But the 30pin cable seems ok to me. I don't see any external damages on it.


Please tell me what to do. I don't see any solution in this forum nor Sonicport FAQ page.


If I can't get any solution for this problem soon, will just return it and try other brands such as iRig HD, Ampkit Link HD.




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I encountered a similar problem when switching from iPad to my iPhone 4s. Eventually it gave a message that it was switching audio interfaces (some type of internal software thing I presume) and I had to disconnect and reconnect the cable. If that doesn't work, reboot your phone and it should work fine. 

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