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  1. Nu2moro

    Does Mobile Pod Works In Background?

    Yes mobile pod does work in the background! I would recommend getting Audiobus also, that way you can then record all those lovely sounds into an audio recording app of your choice. 😄
  2. Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling. I had a problem after installing the update to ios 7.03, cured it for me
  3. Nu2moro

    First Gig With Sonic Port

    I use iphone5 with mobile in and audiobus set to 256 frames, latency is barely perceptible (unless you set about deliberately trying to hear it)
  4. I would try another cable and double check connections. Have you also tried reinstalling the mobile pod app?
  5. Nu2moro


    Just tried it with multitrack daw, alchemy mobile and glitchbreaks all running at the same time, works perfectly as far as I can tell so far, absolutely brilliant! I would like to see the inclusion of mobile pod as an effect in future improvements but for now just going to use it and enjoy it for the reason I bought it in the first place :-)
  6. Nu2moro


    Mobile pod app with audiobus support now available!! Fantastic! :-)
  7. Nu2moro

    So Far

    Mobile pod with audiobus just arrived on phone!!! Fantastic :-)
  8. Nu2moro

    So Far

    Adam what are the tones on amplitude like in comparison to the mobile pod app? I don't really want to spend another £30 on another app and the associated fx purchases, but if I have to!
  9. Nu2moro

    Mobile Keys Compatibility

    I use mobile keys 49 with iPhone 5 with the adaptor cable, no problems using it with various apps.
  10. Nu2moro

    Sonic Port And Irig Amplitube

    Forgottenrebel I share your frustration and anger about the lack of support line6 have given to Mobile in/ Mobile pod. Lets hope with this new gadget they will sort some basic recording functionality with the inclusion of audiobus support :-)
  11. Nu2moro


    I cannot imagine that the Line 6 rep I spoke to would blatantly lie whilst speaking to me on the phone. The documentation is ready so let's hope the update will be with us soon :-)
  12. Nu2moro

    Record Guitar & Audio On Ipad

    Mobile in will only allow you to record from 1 input source, Had to check the manual as my unit appears to have a problem at the moment! :-( Not sure if its due to ios though, as prior to last update it was working ok?
  13. Nu2moro

    Sonic Port And Irig Amplitube

    Mobile in works with amplitude. As sonic port is similar and supports core audio, I see no reason why it shouldn't ;-)
  14. Gamuso I would have replied, but I'm on holiday at the moment and don't have " mobile in " available. It can be a very lonely place on this forum as even line6 reps aren't frequently answering questions. Never had any problems using mobile in as a digital input but never tried recording from line and mic at the same time. I will post results when back home.
  15. Nu2moro

    Record Guitar & Audio On Ipad

    I think MT daw can record from line and mic inputs at the same time using mobile in. I will check later ;-)