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Editing/uploading patches from a Mac?


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Hi All.


I'm trying to help out a fellow (Pink Floyd covers) band member. I own an HD500X and have been happily using HD500X Edit on my Mac for a few months (playing with patches found on the Net etc.)


My "colleague" has given me his POD X3 Live in order for me to do similar.


From what I've read in the last few hours I get the distinct impression what I can easily do on the HD500X is now no longer possible on the POD X3 Live, yes? (Re: Gearbox no longer being supported and there being no alternative).


[Like others, I've done the Gearbox work-around but I cannot get the driver to be recognised].


Before I go back to him with the bad news I'd just like to absolutely confirm that I'm right and that his only choice is to manually add/edit on the hardware itself. Yes? (In which case, it's basically a non-starter).


Thanks in advance,



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