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Variax String Height ? Setup? Adjustment?


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Anyone know what the string heights are suppose to be on the Standard Variax? I never really setup a guitar other than adjust strings here and there, but mine came from zZounds just yesterday and I am getting fret Buzz on my EAD strings, so I did want to check them first before i do anything or take it in for a setup? 


Neck seems to have good relief, but then again I'm not an expert..


any help would be appreciated as I am a little disappointed out of the box, I'm not a good guitar player by any means still learning..I'm trying to learn at 55 and it's a little slow lol, but I hate to have to take a new guitar in...

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Most new guitars need a setup.  I had to raise the Low E and A slightly on my JTV69S.  Easy to do.  There are some great books out there that teach guitar setup.  The one I recommend is "How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great" by Dan Erlewine.  He goes into great detail from start to finish.  You're never too old to learn if you are still vertical. :-)

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