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Bandmates don't feel POD HD sound on stage


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...As to why your band mates don't feel it, IDK. does everyone in the band have their own monitor, or is the only stage monitor for vocals?...




After carefully reading all the responses here, and attempting to resolve the issue on stage, it seems our monitor setup is not adequate for all members. That is both a function of having the proper equipment for each member, and their willingness to set it up on time for the show. Although it has been a struggle to fix this, I'm confident that less physical amps on stage have lowered stage volume and also eliminated common feedback issues, which helps communication amongst the band during performances.



Since I keep getting requests for this, YES, I'll post some of my tones to Custom Tones, however, I completely agree with our Line6 forum members as I feel you WILL need to customize them to your specific guitar/pickup/monitor. Consider them more as a starting point...   Tinker and learn what works for your style!


I'll post the link on this topic when they're ready.

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