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GearBox unsupported - way ahead for Windows 10?


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I have been happily using GuitarPort with GearBox for some time under various Windows OS up to and including W7.

I now have a new laptop with Windows 10 and along with others am suffering various problems despite using the latest versions of GearBox and drivers.


I have a trial version of PodFarm and find it far inferior to GearBox and the price to upgrade is also prohibitive - I don't think the GuitarPort was that much new!!!


What is the way ahead for my GuitarPort or do I have another piece of redundant hardware???

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pod farm 1.x is free and should still work. (also unsupported)

but you should be able to run gearbox still in a compatibility mode.

trying to find a way forward with the existing software above, upgrading, or just using your guitarport as an input device for other software.... is your paths forward.

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