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2 DT50's Amp A amp B Volumes w/ HD500

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I have had a DT50 112 for some time (I also have the DT50 Head but this is being sold once repaired) which I bought when my head blew up (for the second time!!) and I just picked up a DT50 212 because it was cheaper than any DT50 112 I could find.


Really I bought this because I have reoccurring nightmares of my DT50 blowing in the middle of a show, especially after my experience with the head. However I just love the modeling and tone I can get from this thing so until another company produces this type of integration I will need to rely on multiple unreliable amps (lol... I do truly love the DT50 just not their power transformers).


to the point:


I decided that since I have two working DT50's I may as well goof around with daisy chaining them and have found the amp B (the 212) to be considerably louder than amp A (the 112) ..... so I thought DUH! the 212 is ... well a 212 16 ohm setup. So logically I disconnected the Vintage 30 and ran the single speaker to the 8 ohm output. Well.... that didn't solve the problem, amp B is still considerably louder. I am using a dB meter.


this is the case when adjusting amp model volumes, mixer volumes, left, right.... you name it I have played with it. the only way I can level them is the Master volume on the amp it self. and it is extreme. I have amp A @ 11  :P  and amp B @ 2.5


Any thoughts?

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I assume you know about the pentode/triode switch and LPM.  Could it be your power tubes?  Are they stock?  Is one pair biased hotter than the other?


I would imagine that no 2 amps are ever EXACTLY alike, but would not expect a highly noticeable difference either...


BTW, I'm not a chick, that's my next GF once I track her down...

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Okay, I know its been a bit but an update and concern now.


So I had the DT50 112 already and bought the DT50 212 and had volume issues. Ultimately the 212 was a pain so I returned it and got a 112. So now I have two DT50 112's.


Still had a huge volume difference. My older DT50 112 is quieter (significantly) than both the used 212 and 112 that I bought....


So I just leave one cranked and the other around 2.5-3. It doesn't matter what order the amps are place in, its always quieter.


So we though bias and tubes perhaps.


Well I noticed some rattle the other day in one of the tubes of the older amp and decided it was time for new power tubes. 


  • I bought a matched quad and retubed and biased both amps.
  • Bias around 36mA +/- 0.5 (that pot is REALLY hard to get 36 spot on)
  • I decided to try out the Eurotube E34L JJ's (they're alright, don't really notice a big difference)


After new matched power tubes in both amps and the bias as close as possible the volume difference is still huge. I also notice the lights seem much dimmer on the quieter amp? hmmmm.... could be a symptom or different bulbs but thought it was worth mentioning. 


Any ideas? I did check fuses as well to make sure they match.

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