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  1. Howdie! Ummmm ... So I don't remember reading anything about the 6 button looper sending midi commands by default. I run my helix floor in 4cm with my Amp1 Mercury. It's set to handle all channel switching via midi using snapshot instants. Whenever I hit record in the looper it activates the Amp1's boost. I dunno. Any ideas?
  2. Lol.... you make an extremely valid point. Anyone saying they dont want a tone rabbit hole ... but also owns any of these units.... pot calling kettle black? If you didn't want a tone rabbit hole you'd own a Dr Z with only a tone knob and a volume knob and call it a day or own a single preamp pedal.
  3. Thank you very much for finding a worthwhile contribution to this forum! I'm sure many will find this useful!
  4. Easiest solutions I can think of right now: 1. Run everything into a digital mixer, if you have one available, set the digital mixer as your Skype audio interface and you can also easily monitor what they hear as well as adjust levels on the fly. There are a ton of small digital mixers available for this at incredible prices, if you're teaching and making a profit it is a small investment to make sure everything runs smoothly for your clients. 2. Dedicate a patch, named online lessons, to this and run everything through the helix with that set as your audio interface in Skype.
  5. I don't know man.... I'm pretty sure whoever is writing code has more experience with coffee than they do with ponies.
  6. To keep things relevant... Just grabbed one of these: https://sca.coffee/certified-home-brewer Our coffee snob friends always compliment and ask what kind of coffee we used... when the machine can make folgers taste good ;) You'll notice "keurig" isnt on that list... we had one. Then we got a good machine. Never looking back. Line 6 should develop a coffee modeler. Make your basic coffee sorta taste like any boutique brand you want! But then you would be missing that "coffee in the cup effect" since it is probably supposed to taste like a cup already sipped in the studio.
  7. Click thread titled "...firmware..." to see if there is any recent info. Read a bunch of ranting and only one post about the thread topic. Wonder why people ask others to read threads rather than ask questions already answered.... because sifting through a thread filled with info that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual topic is a waste of time.
  8. Yeah Craig, thank you so much for this. It's great to see people contributing new ideas and ways to use this unit. Thank you again!
  9. I thought about that too! As well as using the merge or output blocks rather than volume pedals for testing. A few things popped out for efficiency, but the overall concept looked pretty interesting. I also wonder if he was trying to keep things as accessible as possible for anyone still learning all of the helix's capabilities I was trying to use the helix to its potential, but then it's easy to get lost in mix... and now I run 4cm with the bluguitar amp1. So I haven't really been doing anything special with my helix floor; sticking with a less is more mentality in a live setting. It seems to work better, and my helix now has at very least 312 shows/gigs, plus studio, plus practice, etc on her.. So I've definitely put her through her paces and tried all the things. -Seeing an idea like this that isn't riddled with an over abundance of effects gives me a chance to experiment with the helix again! Though pulling this off while still using the preamp of the amp1 may not be possible. Could always just feed the return with a helix pre though. Anything that doesn't require moving a wire. The pedal board case has been properly OCD'd, and those wires would take real work to remove!
  10. Received this email, I'm sure there's also a few here as well that have. Anyways I thought it may be of some interest! https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/double-best-line-6-helix-tone/?utm_content=article1-image&utm_source=insync&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20190615-T1
  11. Who cares how it's being used... I have a helix floor. I use it 4cm and for the most part only use it for compression, teemah!, a delay block and it's midi capabilities... That doesn't make it any less of a helix floor though.
  12. Woah.... why haven't I hear of this.... omg, omg, omg! So.... now to get this under my wife's radar
  13. When the OP said he wanted to download pedals that got me thinking.... the way that you can download plugins for DAWS... Wouldn't it be neat if there was a multi effects pedal like the helix but some of the coding was open source/available so others could create new, 3rd party, effects for it.
  14. Lol... Some may find it interesting, for them they'll read, listen and contribute constructively. Some may not find it interesting or necessary, for them there's other things to read, listen and contribute to. I don't understand negative contributions to a topic one doesn't think will be beneficial to them.
  15. I now need an HX Aspirin. Heavy attenuation. Upon initial testing of the original HX Rum I've found it to pour a little heavy.
  16. I'm practicing and editing. I ran out of rum. Can we get a hardware solution to fix this? Also .... REALLY big scribble strips and perhaps rotating pixels to counter blurred vision? (Or would that enhance the effect?) I'm sure testing will be required and volunteer myself for beta testing.
  17. Well that's when I have the issue is during edit. And mine is WAY out of warranty and in no financial position, due to a few life events all happening at the same time, to replace or pay for repair. So long as I catch the issue before I go out... as a daily driver it's relatively reliable. Though the other day I had it freeze up on me for the first time since I got it. This unit was bought used from guitar center when there was a waiting list after the first batch of helix's sold out. So I would bet this is from one of the first batches of units shipped. So there's definitely no warranty service available for me.
  18. I don't know if it's a glitch because my patches are extremely old. Edits come from a change in equipment, or cleaning things up here and there. For the most part they're pretty simple: deluxe comp > teemah! > chorus > effects loop > delay > gain (boost) > volume pedal I don't know.
  19. This is extremely frustrating. Unit is up to date, drivers are up to date, hx edit is up to date, patches have been rebuilt, unit has been reset, etc... It's been done. I have this kind of stuff happen A LOT! To the point that editing patches I just sort of expect it and have to check and double check that everything works. I have my set list always saved, backed up, and then duplicated in the helix on another set list slot so that when the entire patch goes wonky I can just copy and paste it from another set list. Things like... if I move a distortion block in path A while on snapshot 1 the send/return block will be off on snapshot 3 and then suddenly off again when I switch back to snapshot 1. And this one is really fun!: I use an expression pedal to control a volume block at the VERY end of ALL patches. It's generally always at 69% (because our sound guy said that was a good number for some reason), with a minimum of 20%. It works as my just in-case $hit happens. Well... edit a patch, pack up my rig and PA, drive to gig, setup, play and suddenly in the middle of the second set the guitar is SCREAMING through the amp and PA and in ear monitors and EVERYONE is shooting me "I'm going to f*ckn kill you" looks.... I look down... hmmmm... why is my volume block OFF?!?! It's never off... this is the kinda stuff you lose work over and this is the only thing I do for a living so... kinda bothersome. Oh Its off for the same reason the send/return block is off.... I happened to move a completely different block on the same path. This stuff happens almost 100% of the time. And while I'd love to get it taken care of... the helix is at the center of my rig and I could only do this if I knew 100% that I could ship it Monday and it would be back at my door the same Thursday so I could play my gigs. At this point... I'm waiting until I can duplicate gear for backup and this will be one of those items I'll just need to own two of.
  20. jmp22684

    New toy!!!

    I should say I started playing like I use to play. I don't know... I was just able to get into a groove again. I used tube amps for years, then only used the helix for a year, then back. Honestly it was most likely just the difference between hearing it through my PA vs hearing it through my amp. Especially considering I can get most of the way there running the helix into the return on my amps. I'm not trying to bash the helix by any means. I love it and it will most likely be the center of my rig for years to come. Even if I can finally complete my analog rack rig I've been wanting to building for.... 4 years maybe? Lol... I only have so far an RJM RG16 and a couple prostage boxes. The helix would stick around purely for it's midi capabilities. This isn't a dig at it. I like everything about the helix and it would make a better midi controller than anything else I've seen; not only because of the amount of storage but the simple fact that there aren't many I could find that would allow for the expression pedal and toe switch options. If like 6 came out with an "HX Midi" with the same amount of toe switches, and expression pedal options as the helix floor still using snapshot midi instant, etc... I'd be all over it in a heart beat!
  21. jmp22684

    New toy!!!

    It is close. Very very close. I can say I've tried a bunch of amps over the course of the past 3 years trying to replace my road king. Not that I don't like it, it's hands down my favorite amp and I've done a lot of my own custom work to it, but it's EXTREMELY heavy and I've got gigs booked clear into 2020... my back wants something smaller. This is the first one I tried that I didn't think was too mushy, too scooped or too ear piercing. It's simple to setup. Out of the gate with everything set pretty modestly (all settings at 5, treble around 3) it sat perfectly in the mix. Thomas Blug probably designed it with exactly that intention, its specifically to be a live use fly rig amp. I used the modelling in the helix straight to PA for about a year and had to go back to an amp, my playing immediately improved. I know it's supposed to sound like a mic'd cab... but I can mic my cab, put my in ears in and I like it more than the helix modeling. That's just me personally and I seriously spent that year with thousands of different eq techniques, IRs, etc... I REALLY tried and it's all I ran. The minute I plugged back into an amp I just started jamming in a way I hadn't for a year. So yeah... for me I like it. One thought I had was to try the preamp into the Amp1 and even then it would be a pretty good "tube" power amp for roughly the price of a tube power amp. But using it this way prevents me from spending more time tweaking than playing. So all in all I'm pretty happy with it.
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