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POD X3 Serial Curiosity


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Hi everyone,



I decided to open a new topic to ask a question about a serial number curiosity that "haunts" me. I made a research on the forum but didn't find the answer to my interrogation


Here is the serial number of a used x3 live i would like to buy : (21)X3L3S5942001298



Refering to what i have read here and there, I can deduct that this POD X3 live was manufactured in 2009 and has no USB issues.


Curiously, this one is not L1S nor L2S.... but L3S. I have never seen that before on any threads on the community forums.


I have been said that L1 or L2 is no date code, only a region code.


Just by curiosity, could I know what region L3 stands for ? I have been said that L1 means USA, L2 means Europe. And L3 ?


Any advice ?


Thanks ;)



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