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No Sound Out Of Pod Studio Ux1?

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I've recently purchased the POD Studio UX1 seeing as I want to get into recording tracks and such. I've installed POD Farm 2.5 (or whatever the most recent it), I've authorized my device, I've updated the drivers, I've pretty much done everything computer wise to set my UX1 up. However, When I plug my bass into the instrument slot, no sound gets picked up by POD Farm :S I have my headphones in as well and nothing is getting picked up. I've tried playing around with it and I found that if I plug my bass into Line Inputs 1/L I get sound. I don't think that's what I want to do? Is there something I'm doing wrong here? All of the setups and tutorials I've watched say that once you plug your bass/guitar into the right slot that you should be good to go.


If there's anyone that could help that would be great. Also, is there a way I can feed it into my amp? Or should I just stick with my headphones?



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In Pod Farm 2.5, go to the Mixer View and change the INPUT: to "Instrument"


As far as feeding it to an amp, the answer is "it depends."  If you want to send it to a PA type amp, or powered monitors, then the answer is "yes, absolutely.  Just use the "Analog Out" sends. 


If you want to send it to a guitar amp, you are probably not going to happy with the results, as the output would be a fully processed line-level signal, as opposed to an instrument level signal (which your guitar amp would be expecting).  That said, you might get passable results feeding the signal into your guitar amps FX loop, if it has one.

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