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Blending (mixing) sounds in Variax

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I´m interested in the Variax Standard guitars, due to their many options.
My question:
Is it possible to blend the regular magnetic pickup sound with the modelling, like on for example Ibanez RG1820X wich has Piezo as well.

Thanks in advance


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Thanks Charlie!
How does it work, mixing two different soundtypes simultaneously from the guitar itself?

The electric with the acoustic for example...

It seems that I have to do this blending in the Workbench HD software and make it a preset?

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You can't do that.  You can only have one model selected at a time.  You can only mix a model with the mag pickups.  WB HD gives you the option to do that.  You can also do it if you are using a Pod HD500x.  It's a blending feature.  Blend mags with model.

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