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Best Way to connect Helix, Digital or Analog: Sound Quality and Latency (with Variax and L2t)


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Ok, so here's my setup: Variax Standard (with upgraded Don Mare pickups and custom neck), Helix (incoming), Line 6 L2t.



I wonder whether to use the Variax VDI or analog connection (because the convertors and the dynamic range in Helix) to connect to Helix?



And should I use the L6 Digital Link to the L2t or Analog? Again, to use the convertors of the Helix and to have the control of my mixer input on the L2t.


In short, going all digital from variax to L2t means less conversion, but then I don't use the AD/DA quality and dynamic range from Helix.


Going all analog would leverage that, but also mean more conversion steps.


So which would give me best sound quality and lowest latency?

With my Firehawk, I hear a difference between the VDI and analog cable (less hifi in the latter), and overall, I also notice latency with the firehawk and variax, especially on the acoustic models somehow.

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