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Suggestion on Ideascale suggestions.... one amp at a time!


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Hi folks, 


I see a lot of  Ideascale submissions that ask for 2 or 5 or 10 amps in a single request, like this one:

or this one:


I think it would better help prioritize the modeling team's next moves if there were submissions for specific amps.   For instance, I'd LOVE to have a Trainwreck Express model (or even a Komet).  Given that it takes about a month to model an individual amp, when that amp is buried with 10 other amps, whose to say what people are voting for, and what the team should work on next?    I think it would be well worth the time for those of you who've submitted ideascale entries to break them out as individual entries, because the mega-ideascale tickets will probably wind up semi-ignored... 


That said, here's my ticket for a Trainwreck:



Just my $.02




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