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Spider Iv Hd150 Not Generating Clean Tone!

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I have a situation here I hope you guys can help me with. 


I bought this Line 6 Spider 4 HD150 head with a celestian vintage 30 cab on the 15th of july and hauled it up 3 flights of stairs (not fun) and plugged it in.

Messed with the settings and everything sounded great. I cleaned the apartment the other day and moved stuff around (mainly the amp into my bedroom) and since I moved it into the bedroom I cant get any clean sounds to come out of it.


I switch the head to Green Clean or Red Clean and it still has gain when I try to play clean songs! I messed with the knobs as much as I could and that didnt fix it. I tried using all the pre-set clean settings (killswitch's - Mr Clean) (as i lay dying - clean cave) and still I hear gain attatched to it.


What can this be? How do I fix it?


Is the head malfunctioning? Are the settings out of whack? Is my guitars emg pickups dying?


WHat is it I need some help here please.

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Common issue with any guitar with preamp or active pickups.  Glad you figured it out.  Stop complaining about hauling the speaker cabinet around - I used to haul an ancient Bandmaster 2 x 12 large style cabinet around - 90 lbs!

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