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Help Setting Up Musicom Lab Efx Iii With M9 And Mini Amp Gizmo?

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I'm trying to set up my pedal board such that I can control scene selection on my M9 with a Musicom Lab EFX MkIII. I'd like to map a particular scene with a specific preset. I'd also like to map the channels on my amp with a particular preset for channel switching via an RJM Mini Amp Gizmo. I'd connect to the M9 via the midi thru on the MAG.

I can map a particular scene of the M9 to a preset using program change numbers. However, when I want to use the same scene on a different amp channel, the Mini Amp Gizmo is mapped to the same amp channel via the program number . How would I accomplish this? Would I need to use different channel numbers on the EFX for each channel on the amp? Or would the MAG still read this as the same program change number?


Thanks in advance-

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