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No Delay w/o Stomp On


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Hey guys,

 So I like using both Tone 1 & Tone 2 together. My issue is, I usually leave a 1/4 note delay on my tone 2 on almost always, as well as leave my 'Red Comp' on a the stomp for Tone 2.

 Only problem is, I don't always have a stomp on my Tone 1 bank because I get most of my drive out of my Bad Cat amp. But when I engage a dotted 1/8 note delay on Tone 1 bank, nothing happens...UNLESS I have a stomp on the tone 1 bank. I'd like to run both a 1/4 note delay as well as an 1/8 delay, especially in doing swells...


Which leads me to question there a way to set one delay out of time with another?? For instance, I know a lot of guys who will leave something like a boss DM-2 out of time on a dotted 1/8 note and have  something like a Memory Man on a tap tempo....but for swells that off beat dotted 1/8 really breaks up the repeats... Is this possible to achieve with a POD X3 Live?


PS I'm building my legit board over the next few months, so I plan on getting rid of this thing anyway...It's done its share of gigs, but I'm ready for the big leagues.




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