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Chiming/ringing Guitar Hardware Simulation.

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I saw a video once about the Variax simulating the ringing of a bigsby on a Gretch.

I notice that there's also a ring on the Strat, which i assume is trying to simulate the tremolo springs ringing.


I noticed that if I switch on alt tuning in workbench on my Variax 600, the simulation of the ringing noises are gone. I assume this is to focus processing power on pitch shifting the strings, since the old Variax DPS isn't strong enough to process both at the same time.


My question is that does using alt tuning also disable it on the JTV series variax guitars?

I think it would be nice if there was an option to disable these options, like for anyone that likes to stuff their tremolo springs in their strat guitar, or something to the such.


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