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Will a Shortboard MKII control a midi device in this scenario?


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Forgive me if this has been covered, I searched quickly but didn't fully understand if other scenarios applied to mine.


I do not own a Shortboard yet but likely will soon to replace my Express for my Spider 3 120. One thing that will help seal the deal is if will also work for another scenario.


I have an older Digitech S-100 controlled by an older Rocktron midi pedal that is not working 100% of the time anymore. Could I use the Shortboard for simple program changes on the S-100 via midi by simply running it through my Lexicon Omega recording interface (to convert the USB from the Shortboard to the standard midi plug on my S-100)?


It almost sounds too good to be true....because nothing is ever as easy as I think it will be!



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