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Line 6 Updater on 2009 MacBook Pro running OSX 10.9.5 won't recognize Helix


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Hi everyone, I just joined the forum and this is my first post here.  For the most part, I'm really loving the Helix so far and am using it straight into a Mesa Boogie Express 5:50+ or a Carvin Legacy 3.  It took a bunch of tweaking and reading on this forum, but eventually I was able to get some great tones out of it.  So, thanks for all your great posts advice that helped me accomplish that!


Anyway, I finally decided to attempt my first firmware update tonight but the Line 6 Updater 1.04 won't recognize the Helix.  I'm running it on a mid-2009 Mac Book Pro running OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks).  The Helix App 1.03 seemed to work fine because I was able to export my presets with no problem.  I should note that the reason I'm still using such an old MacBook (lol) is because it has a 17" screen which Apple, in their infinite "wisdom", discontinued.  And I can't update the OS due to some software that needs to run on Mavericks.


I REALLY don't want to have to buy a new laptop, so any advice on getting the firmware successfully updated would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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Haha, never mind. Not one minute after I submitted this, I found the thread that says to close the Helix Application before opening the Line 6 Updater.  I did that and it worked perfectly.


Having said that, it might be useful if that step was included in future official firmware update instructions since it seems like a fairly common problem.

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